Women and Drugs

If you read my previous articles you will notice that I not onlylike women but I usually end up with women who are addicted to drugs.It seems like I find a woman that is attractive and intelligent thatalso has a drug problem. I try to show them what they are doing tothemselves and those who love them.

They have the potentialfind a good job. Some of them had a good job before they becameaddicts. They went from good lives to the streets because of theiraddictions. The sad thing is that they not only hurt themselves butthe also hurt their children.

I have seen children walking around with contact highs fromsmelling the second hand smoke from crack. I have seen hyperactivechildren who are very intelligent but can not sit still and listen inclass. I have seen intelligent kids drop out of school after givingup on their parents. ("Why should I get good grades when mymother is too high to notice.") I have seen teenagers becomedrug dealers and their mother becomes their best customer. I haveseen these drug dealing kids get shot in drive by shootings.

I have to give some of these mothers credit for not putting theirchildren through it. They are the ones who love there children enoughto let them go with a family member or give them up for adoption.They give their children the gift of life and a chance at a good lifewithout drugs.

The only way a drug addict can kick the addiction is for them torealize that it is doing them more harm than good. They have torealize the only way to change their future from bad to good is tokick the addiction. They have to want to stop.

One day the elevator was stuck on the eighth floor. Sometimes whenyou got off at the eighth floor the only way it was going to move wasfor the person getting out on that floor to hit the first floorbutton. The security guard when to the eighth floor, opened the doorand Carmen was standing there in a trance with her finger justtouching the button but not enough to make it move.

She had been in that position for at least 10 minutes.

She knows that she no longer gets a high from crack. It puts herin a trance. She will just sit or stand in one spot without movingfor many minutes or even an hour. Sometimes while in the trance shewill go and knock on doors at 2 or 3 in the morning. Other times shemay come to me with paranoid delusions. That time is lost forever shenever remembers what happened. She is now banned from every apartmentbuilding in the area.

If you want to help give to the Salvation Army. They will takeaddicts in for no charge. There are hospitals that haverehabilitation but they normally require insurance coverage or money.

When I sat down to write this it was going to be women and how totreat them right. I guess I was thinking about Carmen.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord