What's a Human?

A few years ago, on theway to our yearly Easter at the Red Lobster,  I said to mynephew, "Martez, don't forget to act like a human." You could see Martez go into deep thought.  You could almosthear the wheels turning in his brain.  He looked at my wife andasked, "Wanda, what's a human?"

Most say that the humanis the only animal that can think.  I do not think so. Look at your cat and dog.  Look at the Dolphin and KillerWhale.  I think they think.  The human has the ability touse logic.  The human can think better and more.  The humanhas the ability to really mess things up.

When God gave us thispower it may have been a curse not a gift.  He gave us theability to succeed or fail, be good or bad, happy or sad.  Whatwe do determines not only life on earth but what happens to us in theafter life.

The human soul is theirpersonality.  It is what they are.  Sometime betweenconception and birth the soul enters the brain.  The soul hasthe electricity that powers the body.  The soul drives thebody.  When we die the soul  leaves the body and goes toits next place (heaven, hell or limbo)

I had a near deathexperience and I saw the light and went to it.  Some saw hellfire, especially those that attempted suicide.

There are spirits onearth.  They may be angels.  I know that  my fathersaved my life after he passed away.  I was in an auto accident. I was rear ended by a drunk driver at about 75 mph.  My fatherappeared next to me and told me to relax.  I did and I wasuninjured.  The back seat ended up next to me in the front. The car was a mangled mess.  I didn't even have a scratch.

Everything I say in thisor any of my other pages come from experience.  I have beenaround for almost 55 years and I have learned a lot.  I learnedfrom experience and from listening to those who have been aroundlonger than I.

What's a human?  Avery complex animal.  In many ways superior to all others and inmany ways inferior.

The human can think anduse logic.  The human can consciously be good or bad.  Thehuman can determine his path though life.  A human is black,white, red, yellow or variations of each but always human.  Weare all human and none of us are better than the other.  We allhave good and bad qualities.

As a salesman a clientof my better than I am but as an accountant he is nowhere close tome.  That makes us even.  My main philosophy in life isthat no one is better than I am and I am better than no one.

When you look at astranger, don't prejudge them based on the color of their skin, whatthey wear, their religion or ethnic background.  Base youopinion on them on what is inside.  The soul.  Look intotheir eyes (the window to the soul) and you can see a lot.  Getto know them before you decide whether or not you like them.

I have friends that arewealthy and poor, educated and illiterate, attractive and ugly andany other yardstick you use.  The only yard stick I use is theheart.  How do they treat me?  How do they treat others?

I have been wealthy andpoor.  I have found that I am happier when I am at the lowerend.  When you are broke you know who your friends are.  Iwant to make enough money to be comfortable and not enough to wonderwho my friends are.

Life is what you makeout of it.  I came close to death twice in the last 4 years. I had cancer and I think I beat it.  I have seen death andlived.  I do not let anything worry me.  I can findhappiness anywhere because I do not allow sadness in my life.  Iwant to live a long life but when the good Lord wants me I am ready.

I treat everyone as anequal and I know that God is the only judge that counts.  Ileave the judging to Him.

What's a Human? You and I and those others like us.  When you are walking downthe street say hi to those you pass.  Let them see you smile. You will find that most will return the smile and greeting.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord