I am poor but I am rich.

My hair turned gray in my early 30's (my first wife's gift to me)Igot my high blood pressure in my early 40's (my second wife's gift tome) I got my arthritis and skin cancer in my early 50's (my gifts tome)

Now a can't drive because I fall asleep when I drive and it ishard to get in and out of a car so I use those big long limos thelocal governments supply for $50 a month.

I walk as much as I can. (some days I have to rest my legs everyother block)

If someone comes along that wants to do me harm I just look atthem like I will kill them if they try anything. I can't run so Ihave to look and act crazy and scare them away. It works because Ihave no fear and they realize it.

I am not afraid of pain or death. For the last 2 years I have beenin pain when I walk and some times when I lay down. I died a coupleof times in my life. I do not care about money. So I have nothing tolose.

I owe $1400 in credit cards and $15,000 in medical bills and Ihave less than $1,000 in assets. I make less than $15,000 a year.

I have a lot of friends and because of what I have I don't wonderwhat they want. They all know that all I have to give is my heart.(Maybe that is why it is enlarged.)

I am happier now than I ever was. I made good money, had a bighouses, had 2 families. I had my ups and downs. I was happier duringthe downs.

I control my income. If I wanted to add clients I could but I amsemi-retired.

I am financially poor but I am wealthy. How can I say that? I havegood friends and I am never sad. I have touched many people and Ihave made a difference in their lives. I have helped people findthemselves. I have helped people eliminate the hatred in their heartsfor others who are different than themselves.

I am happy about my age. Every day I am a day older and a daywiser. I enjoy writing and hearing from people that have been helpedby it.

I do not worry about the future. I do not worry about gettingolder.

Age is the number of years that you have been on this earth. Ithas nothing to do with who and what you are. It is what you have donewith your life that matters.

I have done many things I am not proud of and I have learned frommy mistakes. 1/1/00 was the beginning of a new life for me. I havewiped the slate clean and except for my business I started over. Iwant to help others overcome their problems and start a new life too.I want to help others out of the holes they dug for themselves. Iwant to help them find themselves.

My background is an unusual life. I spent my life studying people.I spent a lot of time in the streets. I have known people with highincomes and I have known people with no incomes. I have known goodpeople and bad people. My education is not from books, surveys andscientific studies but from the real world.

The most important things you learn will not be from school butfrom life. Look at the world around you not just your neighborhood.With the internet you have the world at your fingertips. If you are aparent study about drugs and what they do to the addict. If you arethinking about trying drugs look it up on the internet. Find out whatcan happen to you.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord