Vernon is Brenda's brother. Vernon thinks he is God's gift to women but he is really God's gift to him. Vernon and Brenda were together all the time when she did crack. He also smoked a lot of weed and loved his beer. To him beer is the most important thing in life.

Vernon went into the party store to cash a check and buy a couple of 40 ounce beers. On the way out a guy pulled a gun on him. When he pulled the gun he knocked the beer out of Vernon's arm and both bottles broke.

Vernon started to cry. He looked at his beer on the ground and looked at the guy with the gun. The cry changed to rage. He grabbed the gun and handed it to a friend and started beating on him. The robber was on the ground and Vernon was beating the shit out of him.

The police came and started to pull him off and the store owner said he was the victim so they told him to let them know when he was finished.

Whenever Brenda and I were apart and I would see Vernon he would try to get us back together. The whole family felt I was the man for her. The problem was the drugs and Vernon did not help.

I took Vernon to a bar. The barmaid would spend a lot of time talking to us. He used his lines on her and told me that she was in love with him. The next time I went into the bar she asked about him. I told her I would bring him in. She said, "Oh no, I don't want to see him. He is stuck on himself."

Vernon loved weed almost as much as beer. One night he, Brenda and I were sitting in the kitchen. A couples of his buddies came in with this hairy weed. It had red hairs on it and it was potent stuff. At the time I was drinking and had an occasional joint. We passed one joint around and all 5 of use got stoned. I have never been that drunk. Even Vernon said no to another joint.

I was in slow motion. I went to get Bay Bay and seemed like it took hours but it was only 15 minutes. I was coming to a traffic light and it looked like it was getting farther away instead of closer. I got home and went to bed. I never touched weed again.

Vernon did not have a drivers license and drove cars with no license plates or expired plate. He drove on the side streets hoping to avoid the cops. He would get stopped and they would say they do not have time for the paperwork and let him go with a verbal warning. Soon they would just look the other way.

He moved out to the suburbs and within a month ended up in jail. The first time was 6 months and the second time was a year. The last time he had a stroke in jail. When he came out he stopped using crack but still uses weed and beer. (He likes his bud and Bud.)

Vernon did not work. He would do odd jobs and sell junk. He has wife and 6 kids. He doesn't spend much time at home. He is a player. His wife knows but doesn't worry about it.

He likes white women and I like black women. When I was not with his sister every once in a while we would go out. I would take him to a topless bar and set him up with the white dancers and I would be with the black dancers. If business was slow we would have a bunch of dancer at our table along with the waitresses and we would have a party.
Whenever Brenda would try to get off the drugs Vernon or her sister Dreena would get her back on.

Vernon is the kind of guy that is hard not to like. He is a happy go lucky type of person. He will do anything for you as long as you pay him. He will borrow money from you and it may take a year to get it back if you get it back but if you borrow from him, he is there the next day. The thing is there is something about him that you can not get mad at him.

No matter how much Vernon pisses you off when you see him you can't stay mad at him.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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