Two Big Guys

From the fifth grade through the ninth grade I was always thebiggest guy in school.

In the fifth and sixth grade I playedYMCA football. I played tackle. On defense I went for the quarterbackand he rarely had time to pass. On offense I cleared a hole for therunner, held step back and block for a pass or trade with thefullback to gain three yards. Once they knew I was coming I couldonly make two yards. When ever it was forth and two or less or if wehad two yard for a touchdown, I would be fullback. Sometimes tosurprise the other team I would go around end.

My sophomoreyear ended my dynasty. Jack came to my school. He weighed 350# andwas not fat. You could hit him in the gut and he would not flinch.Your hand would hurt and he would laugh at you. I weighed 250#.

Infootball practice he would be against me because I was the closest tohim in weight. In tackling practice he would pick me up and throw medown like I was nothing. In Blocking practice he would hit me andknock me up in the air and on my back. Luckily I got a bad case ofblood poisoning and was out too long to stay on the team.

Jackwas second in the nation for AAU wrestling so I did not go out forwrestling because I would have to go against him in practice.

Iplayed sandlot foot ball. We played with few rules. Tackle and noequipment. We sometimes had a bigger crowd than the highschool. Noadult supervision so we had not problem with parents pushing the kidsor crying when the kid got hurt. One of the high school player triedto play but broke his leg. After that the couch said he would throwany player off the team if they played with us.

When I turned16 Jack and I were good friends. We would go to a drive in restaurantand find a car with four or five in guys in it and piss them off.They would chase us and we would get tired of the chase and pull offthe road. They would pull up behind us and we would get out and starttoward their car. They would take off.

Jack bought a stickshift car. Never drove one before. I showed him how to drive it andwe were on our way. He came to a stop light and when it turned greenhe stalled. The guy behind us started blowing his horn which made itworse. Jack got out of the car and went back to the car behind us.Before the guy could raise the window Jack had his keys and threwthem in a lake next to the road. He came back to the car and droveoff with no problem. Never had a problem again.

Another timethe guy behind us had his bright lights on us. He flashed back withthe rear view mirror and that did not work. We came to a red lightand Jack got out with a hammer, went to the car, knocked out his headlights, came back to the car and drove off. He was a nice guy butdon't piss him off.

John was 6' 7", weighed 450# and worea size 24 EEE shoe. His parents had a Packard limo and a Checker.Those are the only cars he could get in the back seat. He did notplay in sports because he had a bad heart. He spent most of his timeat home.

I visited John often and sometimes his mother wouldpick me up when I hitch hiked home from school. The three of us couldhave had a lot of fun if John could have joined us. He would not beable to get into out cars. He did not drive.

When Jack and Iwould get stuck in the snow, the one that was not driving would siton the trunk and the other would drive out.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord