To be or not to be Gay

This is a hard subject to tackle. First of all I have met manyGays in the last few years and I have come up with my conclusionsbased on what I have seen. My views have changed over the years. Nowmy opinion is that if you are Gay that is your business. If you wantto come out of the closet that is your option. I will not hold yoursexual preference against you. My sexual preference is Black women.To some that is as bad as being gay.

Until recent talk shows on the subject what I am about to say wasknown by a few people. Sally Jesse Raphael did one or two shows onthis subject. I feel it is still swept under the rug. There arebabies born with both sets of sex organs. They are both male andfemale. In most cases the doctors did not say anything and eliminatedone set of sex organs. In many cases I would imagine the male sexorgans were seen by the parents and in many cases the doctor saw themale organs and did not notice the female organs until after sayingit's a boy. They aren't going to say, "It's a boy....It's agirl!"

If the parent's think it's a boy they will remove the femaleorgans. If the parents do not know they will make it a boy or a girldepending on how they feel. The odds are that they will be wrongfifty percent of the time. I feel that they should wait until thechild exhibits its sexual orientation.

You have probably heard men that dress as women say that theywomen trapped in men's bodies. People who changed their sex more thanlikely people who were born both sexes and the doctor made the wrongcall.

When I was with my second wife her family gave parties that wereattended by all types of people. One of the parties was for myfather-in-laws retirement. We had 225 show up out of the 175 weinvited. There was this person on the dance floor that looked likethe best looking woman on the floor. All of the men wanted to dancewith her.

I was sitting with my ex brother-in-law and he said, " Seethat woman with the short dress and short out there? I want to dancewith her."

I said (No offense intended to the Gays out there.), "No, youdo not want to dance with him."

He said, "Come on Lee. Every man out there want to dance withher. She is the most beautiful woman on the dance floor."

I reiterated, "You do not want to dance with him."

There was a long pause. You could almost see smoke coming out ofhis ears.

He finally said, "Him."

I answered with a great deal of sadness for my poor sad friend,"He came in with Uncle Bobbie and he has an Adam's Apple."

I heard a sad, "Oh."

Uncle Bobbie (Last I heard he is now Aunt Bobbie) was a realbeauty in his day. He looked a lot like an older version of myex-wife.

I asked him once why he did not come to our wedding. He told methat my mother-in-law (His sister) told him he could not come unlesshe wore a man's suit.

I told him that I would prefer that he came dressed as a woman. Ina man's suit he would look like a lesbian. I would have introducedhim to my parents, brother and other's that were there from my sideas Aunt Bobbie. They would have never known the difference.

Uncle Bobbie had more up top than my ex wife had. He was takinghormones and they were doing a good job. She used to take her newboyfriends to his place and leave them with him while she would visitthe lady downstairs. If she heard the scream of a man she knew thatthe guy had his hands in the wrong place so she would get rid of him.

Uncle Bobbie and his friends would be at the family parties andthey would be a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them and my wholeattitude toward gays has changed.

There are many gays that you do not know they are gay. There aremany you think are gay that are not. I do not judge them. People saythe Bible says they are sinners. They use this to discriminateagainst them. I feel that they are in many if not most cases bornthat way. Many were born both sexes and the doctor made the wrongdecision. Many were born with the wrong sex organs. Many are men thatlike men or women that like women.

It seems to me that they are God's Children just like straightpeople are. They in most cases did not chose their sexualorientation.

I am more comfortable with black people than with white. I wasborn white but it I feel that I was supposed to be black. I have hadtwo psychics tell me that I was supposed to be black. Most of myblack friends say it to. My white friends also feel the same way.

Those that say gays are sinful would say I am too because I havesex with black women.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord