The Sin Inn

Have you ever seen a man leading a donkey on a motel roof. That means bring your own ass.

I worked midnights at a motel for a while. I had over 150% occupancy on Friday and Saturday nights. During the week we were filled up with business men that stayed all week. The owner was a strict Southern Baptist. He did not believe in drinking, smoking, premarital sex or adultery.

He owned the motel (weekend premarital sex and adultery.) a bar (selling drinks and cigarettes) and a restaurant (selling cigarettes). Is this hypocrisy?

On Friday and Saturday nights made almost as much as during the week. The rooms were full price for 2 but during the week they were discounted for one. The men would come in and get the room and say they were alone. We knew better and charged them for two. We had them on video tape if they complained.

The video camera covered the whole parking lot. I could zoom in on the license plates (at the time they were on the front and the back.) and write down the numbers. I had a map of the parking lot and I would put the license number and the room number in the parking space.

Every five or ten minutes I would check the lot and if the space was empty I would call the housekeeper. If the keys were in the room she would clean it and bring the key to me. I would resell the room.

We had coupons for a free drink. They were for Sunday nights when the business men came in for the week. When we were full and someone came in, if I felt we would have a room in 15 or 20 minutes I would give the guy a drink coupon and tell him I will call him within a half hour for a room. At first the boss was mad when he found out but when I told him how much more money he was making he said it was a good idea.

One night I guy came in and said he wanted a room for two. When he went to the room I swung the camera to his direction and he had three women with him. I waited for him to get to the room and called him.

I said, " You owe for the other two women but if you send one down to me I will forget about it."

He said laughed and said, "Sure no problem."

I said, "No just kidding, With my luck the boss would catch me."

One time a beautiful hooker came in. She had one breast hanging out. My eyes were going from her face to her breast. She realized what was wrong and stuffed it back into her bra.

I said, "It looks good why cover it up."

She pulled it back out.

It was really fun when someone I knew would come in. They would say that their wife was in the car. Of course I would look at the woman with the camera. Never was the wife.

One man would come in every Friday and Saturday night.

I asked him, "Wouldn't be cheaper to get a apartment."

He said, "That would be to easy to trace."

They were both married.

In telling this I don't want you to think this is good. Don't commit adultery, get a divorce pr at least separate from your spouse first. It is a lot better than doing it behind the spouses back.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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