Single again

After split up number two, I met up with a dancer. She went by the stage name "the whip." We went to her place where she rented rooms to 3 other dancers. She found out that I was staying in motels and offered to rent a room to me. She said the ladies would clean and cook for me. They were all beautiful but the other three were lesbians so I only had the one for me.

The Whip and I had finished doing out thing and 2 of the other women asked if they could join in. Sadly I had to go.

I decided not to move in for many reasons but the funny thing is my estranged wife told my parents that I lived in a whore house. I almost lived with 4 women. Close.

I went into a bar and there was a dancer on stage. She was tall, slim and so fine. I gave her a tip while she was on stage. I said, "I'm Lee, act like we are old friends." In a mixed bar some of the white dancers would get jealous of the black dancers' popularity with the white men. I have had friends had their costumes trashed by the white dancers. My fatal attraction had her car vandalized by the other dancers .

She got off the stage and we talked. She said, "I'm Julie."

I asked, "Do you have a man."

Her answer saddened me, " I have a live in boy friend that I am trying to get rid of. He is abusive and he was convicted of battery when he pushed me down the stairs. He was sentenced to six months in jail is supposed to go to jail in a month."

I said, "I am separated from my wife and hope to be divorced soon. I don't have much money so if that is what you looking for I am not the one. I want a woman who is not in my pocket. I will not ask you for money. If we get together I will be honest, I will always give you respect and when you are down I will pick you up. Would you like to go to breakfast when you get off.."

She looked me in the eye and said, "Will you marry me?"

I asked, "How many kids do you want?"

Her answer floored me, "10."

My retort was, "Not."

For the next month she would come to the office, my motel or we would go to here place when the boyfriend was at work.

I spent a lot of time at the bar and we would sit in a corner where he boss could not see her. We and other dancers would sit an talk and plot to play practical jokes on other dancers and customers.

One night I came into the bar and went to the dancer on the stage and said, "Baby it's time to go home. The kids need you. Billy got in a fight and got a broken nose. Jenny fell on her bike. Little Joe is constantly crying mama."

We started arguing. I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder and carried her out of the bar. The bouncer, manager and a few of the dancers knew what was happening.

When the guy that lived with her went to jail she wanted me to move in. They did not have enough room in jail and he had a good job so they put him on a tether for six months. He would not move out.

We decided to try to get him sent to jail. I dropped her off by the house and went around the corner. She was going to go in and come to my car and we were going out. We were hoping he would stop her and he would come after me. He did and chased me in his car. I headed for the main road in hopes a cop would stop us. I would say he was chasing me and he would go to jail for violating his probation. I got to the main road and he stopped and went back.

The reason he was in trouble with the law was that he assaulted her he was smart enough not to hurt her again.

I told her that until she moved out I was not going to see her. She got a place later but it was in the suburbs and cost $750/mo.

I said, "I can't pay my share of the rent."

She said, "I can pay most of it. Just pay what you can."

I said, "What happens if you fall on the stage and break your leg?"

She got a couple of other dancers to share with her.

My sister-in-law came to me and offered a room in her, house next to her parents, for $75/month. We were like brother and sister and I moved into her spare room.

She had a cat that was prejudice. She would come out when blacks were there but hide when I came home. It took a week for her to decide I wasn't white. After that she slept with me. (The cat that is.)

A friend of the ex and mine had a van with Donna Summers on it. He was proud of that van. When he and my wife were together people would ask if that was her on the van. I haven't seen him in a while and I saw the van without him and the van looking bad. I knew he hung out near where I was living.

It was a topless bar that my ex started dancing at. I went in and I was the only white guy there. The bouncer would not help me until I showed him a picture of my ex and he remembered her. He told me that our friend died of a heart attack.

I got to know the bouncer and started going there. When I came in the guys didn't say much but the women gave me a hug and a kiss. Other whites would come in and were not made welcome and left quickly. I asked the bouncer why they did not hassle me and I learned a lesson. He said he spread the word that I was a hit man.

And a long comes the fatal attraction.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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