Shirley and Ne Ne

If I ever marry again and if she will have me Shirley is the one. We rarely argued and we always got along. When we first met we liked each other. She was a dancer and I started seeing the barmaid. After a little over a year and a half I had broken up with Brenda. I was at the bar and Shirley was dancing.

I bought her a juice (she rarely drank alcohol) and I had a Coke (I had quit drinking).

I said, "I had just left a woman and I am free. I would like to get together with you. Are you available."

She said, "Lee I was yours the day you met me before you started seeing Casey. I am still yours."

It was just before Christmas and I had already bought the Christmas presents for Brenda and her children. Now I was buying presents and a tree for Shirley and Ne Ne. It taught me one thing. Don't break up and start a new relationship just before Christmas.

In two weeks I was in love with Shirley. My problem was I was still in love with Brenda. I could not be with Shirley on Christmas and I ended up and with Brenda's family. I ended up sleeping with Brenda for three days.

After the three days Brenda and I broke up again and I was back with Shirley. She forgave me but did not let me forget it for a few months.

Ne Ne was 11 years old and a sweet heart. The first time I met her she gave me a big hug. As time went on we became closer. Today she calls me Daddy 2.

Ne Ne's father was a male dancer. He wasn't to happy when her mama started seeing a older, gray haired, white man. He also wasn't happy that Ne Ne liked me so much.

I told her, "I want your daddy to always be number one in your heart. I want to be number two."

I picked Shirley up at work and we were going to my apartment. When we opened the front door to the building two guys came up behind us. One of them had a sawed off shot gun.

The gunman said, "Let's not make this a murder. Get in the hallway."

We went into the hallway. The gunman had the gun on Shirley. The other guy was watching me. All we want is the cash. He took Shirley's purse and got the money out of it. His partner looked at me like he knew me and took my money. When I was with Brenda I bought drugs from him in the projects. If he would have said anything there would be two bodies in the hallway.

As they left the gunman said, "Have a good night." They took off into the night.

Shirley never came back to my apartment.

I was taking Ne Ne to and from school. She was starting to have problems with the other kids kidding her about having a white father. One day when I picked her up she decked a boy in front of school. After a few kids got knocked down the harassment stopped.

After I had a run in with the long arm of the law I could not drive. Shirley took me 50 miles north of the city to see a client. Ne Ne rode with us. We were about 10 miles from the client and we were pulled over by a county sheriff's deputy. There was no reason for the pull over but north of the city the police pull over mixed couples and blacks for no reason.

The cop came to the car and said, "Your right rear tire is low on air."

He let me get out of the car and look at it. It wasn't really low enough to worry about so I said, "When we get up to my clients we will put air in it."

He asked Shirley and I for our licenses. I told him mine was suspended. He called her license in and found that she had a warrant for an old ticket that she had forgotten about. She said she never got anything in the mail about it.

He said, "Do you trust this man alone with your daughter?"

Shirley messed up and said, "Of course I do. He is going to be her step father." (Oops)

He hand cuffed her and took her to his car. He told me that his partner was coming to take Ne Ne and I to my client's office. The car was impounded. Ne Ne was crying and when the partner came I convinced her to have they guy let her say good bye to her mother.

When we got in the car I said, "Don't worry Ne Ne, we will get your mother out in a couple of hours."

The partner and I talked about the bust and she agreed that her partner was wrong.

Luckily the client owed me more than enough money for bail. He had an employee take us to cash the check and to the jail. I have never seen anyone as happy as Shirley and Ne Ne were when she came out. We took a cab to a coney island next to where we could get a bus back home.

At the coney island Shirley said, "This guy took me by his dream house on the way to the jail. He flirted with me all the way."

I looked at Ne Ne and I said, "Honey, you know that I love you as if you were my own daughter and I love your mother. I know that you have been having trouble in school because of our relationship. I can not promise you that this won't happen again. We will be stopped by the police just because of our color. Hopefully we will have the tickets taken care of so one of us won't end up in jail.

"At any time our relationship is to hard on you I will get out of your life."

Ne Ne looked at me and smiled. Then she took my hand and said, "I think I'll keep you."

Yes her license was suspended but the stop was racial profiling. Even if the tire was low the police do not run a check on the license. They offer to give you a ride to a phone or to send a towing service. Even the prosecutor agreed with me when we went up to court for the ticket of driving without a valid drivers license. He changed it to driving without having the license with her.

The original ticket that the warrant was for was dismissed. before we went to court on the county ticket. I think the county ticket should have been dismissed because it was an illegal stop.

A word to the wise. The license plate covers you get from the car dealers usually cover the wording at the top or bottom of the license plate. That is illegal but only used as an excuse to stop a motorist. That is why dealers are not stopped from giving them away.
After I lost my apartment I moved into a client's bar. Shirley and I did not see much of each other because I wasn't driving and it was out of the city. After a while the owner of the bar said he needed a barmaid.

I said, "Why not give Shirley a try?"

He said, "The customers are mostly bigots. They won't want her in here tending bar."

I told him, "You are a borderline bigot and you like to look at black women. You know you like Shirley. She has the kind of personality and looks that makes a man want her. Most white men fantasize about black women and most black men fantasize about white women. I know that white women like Shirley too. If you bring her in here I willing to bet you that she will make more in tips than any of your barmaids ever made and you will make more too."

On her first night the day barmaid worked with her and they shared tips. The day barmaid made 3 time as much as she ever did. The bar made twice as much as it ever did.

The word at the Red Neck bars was that they was a cute little black bitch tending bar at the Nite Lite. That brought in more customers. As long as she worked there the bar made more money than before. It did not make as much as the first night but it improved greatly. Every day I had someone saying they were going to steal her away from me. They all failed.

After a month she got sick and had to quit. I tended bar for a while and moved to the motel next door. Samantha came into my life. She was like a daughter to me and when Shirley found out about her she believed me.

I moved downtown and I saw Shirley more. I thought her crack problem was over with. I left her before because of her addiction and she said she stopped.

I was a couple of blocks away from the Cass Corridor which was roughest and most drug addicted area of the city. It was full of addicts, alcoholics, hookers, and the homeless. You could walk by a thick bushy area at night and see the light of lighters and crack pipes in the bushes. This also applied to many of the abandoned buildings.

Shirley's twin brother game to see me. He said Shirley came to get some drugs and the dealers was holding her for more money. We walked to the corridor and went to some drug houses. I stayed outside while her went in. They would not be to happy if I went in with him.

We walked the streets asking addicts if they had seen her. Some said yes and told us where. He told me to go back to my place and he would be back soon.

He came and told me he needed $50 to get her. All I had was $20 and a wedding ring. He took it and said he would get her back to me. I didn't hear from him.

The next day she called me and I asked her about it and he set me up. He had planned this thing and had his addict buddies in on it. I am sure they all had enjoyed the drugs he got with the money and the ring.

When he first came to me I didn't believe him. But as we went through the hood I started to believe him. I could not take the chance and not do anything in case he was for once in his life telling the truth.

Later Shirley admitted she still used it. Not as much crack but she was using marijuana to. I broke up with her again and ended up with Brenda again.

Shirley did quit completely after I left her and has not used it in about 4 years. She is only 5 feet tall but got a job as a security guard. She is now a supervisor for the guard company.

She once told me, "You may not be my man but I will always be your woman." I hope she still feels that way because I am beginning to feel that way about her.

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