The Sailor and the Chicago Cutie

I had been out of boot camp for a couple of months. I was going to Electricians Mate School. My hair was fully grown back from boot camp.

I was in Chicago on my last weekend liberty before graduation and I saw three boots (first boot camp liberty) getting ready to go after two good looking women. One looked in her mid 20s and the other was 34 (she told me her age later.) I was 18 and the other guys were about 18.

I went up to the boots as they were ready to make their move. They looked up to me because to them I was an old salt.

I said, "There are three of you and two women. Don't you see that you have a problem?"

They each agreed that there was a problem.

I was going to make the problem first. One of the girls was pretty sexy and the other was pretty. The pretty one looked like the most intelligent of the two. I decided I wanted the pretty one. I picked the boot with the most sense to get the sexy one and the other two were out.

I pulled the lucky boot that I had decided that I wanted the pretty one and he could have the sexy one. There were two problems. First he had to get rid of his buddies. Second he had to pay for all four of us.

We went to a movie and dinner and the girls asked us to go with them to the pretty girls house. We went on the train to one of the suburbs. The boot and I did not get lucky. We had a good time but no sex. I liked the girl I was with but she figured I was too young for her. The sexy one came back with us on the train. She told the boot that she liked me and asked him to leave us alone.

I told her that I was going home on leave and then to Key West so I would not be able to see her again. She asked for my address and gave me hers. We kissed and that developed into letting our fingers doing the walking.

Two years later she sent me a letter saying that she was going to visit a friend in Miami. She wanted to come and see me in Key West. She would get a motel room and we could continue were we left off. I told her that it would be fine with me but it may be the last time we would see each other. I was getting our of the Navy in less than a year and I was not sure where I was going.

She said it was OK with her. She had thought about me and wanted my body. Frankly I wanted hers too.

After our night together she went back to Chicago.

I got a letter a week later and she said she loved me and she wanted me to come to Chicago when I got out of the Navy. I wrote back and said no.

She got upset and told me that if she could not have me no one could. She would find me where ever I went and she would get rid of any woman I was with. This worried me. I sent her a nice letter letting her know I was not scared and told her to leave me alone. I never heard from her again.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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