When I was a child, I had felt that I would become an Episcopal Minister.  As I grew older that idea stayed in the back of my head but slowly got too far back to become a reality.  A few years ago I met a Preacher who asked me to become a preacher. I said if I did I would be non-denominational and preach what's in my heart not what's in the Bible.  He wanted to train me.  I did not do it but he told me God would call on me and I would answer.

I am not going to tell you God has called me and I am not going to tell you I talked to God.  I am not going to say I am right because I may be wrong.  I am going to tell you what I feel in my heart.

Look at these pictures and tell me that there is no God.   Look at the mankind and what we can do.  Something had to give us the minds that we have.  The computer and artificial intelligence has come a long way but man still has note been able to build an artificial human.  If or when he does you know it won't work to good.


God created man.  As time went on you had a lot of men and women around.  As they spread through out the earth He changed their color and features to adapt to the climate.  As man got smarter he began to travel and built shelter for the climate the differences were no longer needed but they remained as the people of each group married within the group  When there was interracial marriages the off spring's features and color came somewhere in between.  Equality does not mean that they are all the same.  It means that when you add the good and bad of people they are equal but different.

A client and friend of mine tells me how smart I am when I do things for him as his accountant.  I tell him that in his field I am as dumb as he is in my field.  That to me means that all things considered we are equals.


This to me is one of the worst sins. The sad part about it is at onetime I was prejudice too.  I was told by a black friend a few years ago that I was a bigot.  I looked at him and asked how I could be when 95% of my friends were black.  He said I was prejudice against whites.  Because of things that happened to me and my friends he was right.

When I got married it was an outdoor service.  A woman was coming up the driveway with a gift and when she saw that I was white she put the gift down and left.  A year or two later I met her at a party at my in-laws house.  She asked if I remembered her and I said yes.  She explained that she witnessed her father being lynched by the klan.  (the K is small because they are small minded.)  I told her that I understood and that at times I am prejudice about my race for what happened to me and those I love.  If anyone has a right to be prejudice she and thousands like her earned that right.

Most prejudice whites were raised that way by parents that have no good reason.  Usually they use the nonwhite or non Christian as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings.

Helping others less fortunate than yourself:

This story is too long to tell in total and if I told the whole story you would be in tears and I would be in deep poop.  I was tending bar next to a motel I lived in.  The wage from the bar covered the motel bill the tips covered bus fare (I had no wheels.) and some food.  I had some clients but I also owed most of the income from them to them for advances needed to survive.
A young lady came in the bar and after talking I felt she was a good woman.  Soon after we met I found that she and her two small children were losing the place they were staying in.   She came by the bar and I asked her if she had a place to stay.  She said no.  I gave her my key and told her that she and the kids could have the bed and I would take the floor.  Granted she was a pretty lady and very well proportioned.  I assured her that no strings were attached.

We stayed together in that motel for a month.  She found another place.  When I moved to a hotel downtown she came to me and stayed for three months.  (No we never had sex.  She ended up being a daughter to me.)   What did I get?  She and her children lit up my life.  She adopted me as her father and was a wonderful daughter and gave me two of the cutest grandchildren a guy could have.  When she was gone she between time of living with me she still kept in contact with me and would visit with the kids as much as possible.  I miss her and the kids and even though I may never see them again they will always be in my heart.

I have had a lot of bad luck and went broke a few times.  The first time was all my fault, I was a drunk.  The second time was because I helped people who needed jobs by giving them jobs and because their skin color was dark I lost almost all of my business.  The third time it was because a divorce judge ignored the law and killed the company I was working for.  Because of helping others I am surviving and I am probably happier than most of the readers of this sheet.

The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Sounds good and I do try to live by it.  Then some one came up with a revised golden rule that said do unto others before they do unto you.  I don't like that one but I have used it before.  I think that the most used one is one I have not heard, which is, do unto others as they do unto you.  I guess I used that one quite often.

An example of each comes from business.  Quote a fair price and the client will pay it.  Quote a high price and the client will pay.  Quote a high price and the client will talk you down to what you want.

When you see someone sad or even mad say something to get a smile.

A bus driver I saw was nasty with the passengers.  (Sometimes I wonder how these drivers can be a nice as they are.)  She even told an old lady who could hardly walk to hurry up and get on or get off.  As I got off the bus I said,  "I hope your day is as beautiful as you are."  She smiled and thanked me.  The next time I got on her bus she thanked me for waking her up.  She realized that what I meant was if you keep being mean  I hope that your day would be as bad as she was.

A young lady was with her two kids at the Coney island.  The food was taking a little too long and the kids were beginning to act up.  She started to steam.  I said, "Excuse me, I am not trying to pick you up.  On a scale from one to ten you are a twenty."  She smiled and thanked me.  As she was leaving she said good bye and I said, "I hope your day is as beautiful as you are."  This time she was beautiful inside and out.

The beautiful as you are comment means inner beauty not outer beauty.  You have to be careful if the person is not to cute.  These sayings as well as others have to be taylored to the situation.  I try to have something to say that will make a person smile.

I feel that you can always find something about a person to say that will make them happy.

When my girlfriend sees this she may be upset but like I say it to make someone happy not to pick them up.  If I am unattached, then it is to make her happy and pick her up.  Besides it worked on her.

In order to get respect you have to give respect:

I try to live by this all of the time and it works 90% of the time.  The other 10% you have to jump on them to get respect.  I have lived in some of the roughest neighborhoods of Detroit.  In some I was the only white.  Most of the places I go I am the only white.  I have been accepted because I give everyone respect until someone does something to make me lose respect for them.  Then I tell them about themselves and we are friends again.  I also showed no fear and stood my ground.  Someday it may not work but if I didn't do it that way the end would come sooner.

Before going on I want it understood that I love Detroit and it is coming back to a great city.  I highly recommend it for tourists.
The problem areas are there but they are not where the tourist will go.  Detroit is like a lot of cities in one.  Some neighborhoods are coming back because the people are working together to bring them back and others are still going down or are already at the bottom.

Love Thy Neighbor:

Now this doesn't mean to have an affair with your neighbor.  No french kissing thy neighbor.  It means be a friend. watch out for them and their home.  Care for them.  If they are in trouble help them if you can.  If they are sick you may want to send some food.  Stop at the store for them.  It also means more than the guy next to you.  More than the down the block.  It can mean everyone you meet and know.
If I were to preach I would preach the above and more about living a Christ like life.  Look at all of the holy wars in Northern Ireland, The Middle East and India.  I really don't think God is to happy using Him as a reason to fight.

I feel that the church should not take money from the poor but help them.  It seems that the poor sometimes give more than those who can give more.  I don't think God or Christ would want the people to go without in order to pay the church.  I don't agree with the 10% rule of giving.  10% of a low income may be less then 10% of a high income but to the low income person that 10% hurts much more than the high income 10%.

The greed of the church is one thing that turned me off the church. Not all churches are greedy but many are.  A person should not have to give any more than they can afford.

Science has come up with evidence that many of the events in the Bible did happen.  The parting of the Dead Sea was caused by an earthquake that was caused by God.   There is evidence that there was an earthquake at that time and in that area.  The star above the manger was the three planets that cross paths ever few years.  I look at the bible as a history of Judaism and Christianity.

Most religions acknowledge Christ as a prophet.  I feel that he was the son of God.  I feel that since so many people believe in him he must be the one.

I think that God and Christ sit up there and laugh at us.  They played a trick on me and another guy.  They put me in some white guys body and gave him my body.  (According to two astrologers I have a black soul.)  The sad thing is my soul want to dance and the body doesn't move right. The body the other guy has just starts dancing and he can't figure out what it is doing.

The most important thing is to help others that have troubles.  Just being a friend helps.  When I was broke I came to the aid of many people.  I was rewarded many times but I did not do it to be rewarded.  I was also hurt many times but I did not let that stop me.  I gave the coat I was wearing to someone who had none.  I was a block away from home so I figured if I run I would not get too cold.  The next day I was given a coat by someone else.

When you give for the sake of giving, not for the the sake of getting, the rewards are much greater.

When things happen to you and you keep saying why me, it is because you keep saying why me.  God doesn't like a complainer.

Well I hope you got this far without falling asleep.

Good luck and have a Blessed Day

© Copyright 2000 Lee W. Gaylord

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