I have had many pets. I have had cats, dogs, pigeons (homing and street), wild birds that I rescued, parakeets, cockatiels, snakes, lizards, an opossum and rabbits.

I got Rosie (a welsh terrier) when I was about five. When she was four or five she followed my brother when he went for a bike ride. He did not know she was following and when she crossed the street she was hit by a dump truck. She survived but ran at an angle for the rest of her live.

We will be back to her because she and my second cat were real friends.

My second cat came to me a week before she was supposed to. She was the big one of the litter. She was part Persian and part alley cat. At five weeks she caught a bird and drug it into the bushes to eat it. Mama came to her and asked her to share. She said no and mama hissed at her. She smacked her mama and was kicked out of the litter. She was named Fito (Fight O) and given to me.

I brought her home and Rosie was real happy. She went up to Fito and Fito smacked her across the nose. Rosie didn't give up. She smacked Fito back and they fought for a while and Fito fell asleep on top of Rosie. From then on that was there favorite sleeping position.

When she was about half grown she decided she wanted a rabbit. She would chase the rabbits and one day she caught one and brought it home to eat on the back porch. Rosie wanted some but Fito still would not share her catch.

In Georgia when the weather was nice we fed them under a tree. An old boxer came by the first day and stole their food. The second day about a half hour before feeding time Fito went up the tree. I put the food out and the boxer comes to steal the food. Just as he was about to get his first bite Fito jumped him and swatted his eyes until he ran out of the yard. From then on he would go around our yard.

When we moved back to St. Louis from Atlanta we stopped at a restaurant. When we came out there was a crowd around the car. Fito was sleeping on top of Rosie. Rosie was awake but would not move so Fito could sleep.

Second to chasing rabbits Fito liked to chase dogs or turn on them when they chased her.

She was being chased around the house by two Scotties. Their owner said I should get my cat before they caught her. This was my house and her dogs were chasing my cat on her turf. I said to her that she should call off her dogs because my cat was playing with them. If she gets mad they will be the ones that gets hurt.

They were on the other side of the house and all of a sudden there was hissing and the dogs yelped and the cat was chasing them out of the yard. When they were out of the yard she stopped. The lady laughed and said, "I see what you mean."

When she an Rosie were together Rosie would act tough when they saw other dogs and cats. When it came to the fight Rosie would root for Fito but stay out of the fight.

When she was about 10 Fito disappeared. When cats know they are going to die the leave to die alone. It is like they don't want to see the sadness their death causes.

While I was in the Navy Rosie became death and blind plus she had arthritis. She would go into the bathroom when she was in pain and sit in front of the medicine cabinet and whine for my mother to give her the aspirin she needed. My mother took her to the Vet to put her out of her misery. She looked up at him and he could not do it. A month later she was worse so my mother took her again. She died on the table before he could put her to sleep.

My mother wrote me about her passing and I cried harder than ever before.

I had a cat when I was with my second wife. He had been declawed by the previous owner. (If you are going to have a cat declawed, please do not get a cat. That also applies to cutting off the tail and trimming off part of the ears on dogs. If you are going to maim an animal to make it look like the show animals please find another toy. The cutest boxer I saw had floppy ears and a long tail.

I was a veterinary assistant at thirteen and I felt so sorry when the dogs were cut up for the vanity of the owner. It does hurt the animal and there is no other reason than vanity.

I had a cockatiel named Tweaky. Tweaky wasn't much of a talker but she loved scarey movies. When someone was ready to get killed she would say, "Oh, Oh." She loved to irritate my son by making noise when he was really into something on TV. When she was into something on TV he would make noise and she would yell at him.

The cage was big and the wires were wide enough for the cat to reach its forepaw all the way in.

The bird loved to play with the cat. It knew the cat had no claws so it would let the cat get its paw right up to it and bite him. The cat would be on the back of the couch and the bird would move close to it and make some noise. The cat would reach in and try to grab her she would jump back. One time he almost got his paw around her. She bit him and fell off her perch.

She stopped messing with him for a few days and went back to terrorizing my son. A few days later she would irritate the cat again.

When I pulled in the drive way she would jump around the cage make noise until I came in to say hello.

I lost her with the divorce.

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Chat was my cat in the Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit. She thought I was her husband. Chat was born andd raised int the Leland and on time walked out the door and when she noticed she was out of the apartment she ran back in. If I left without say good bye when I got back she would let me know she was pissed at me. The same if I got back too late. When I left I went to a place I could not take her with me and gave to a couple in the building. I went to visit her and she gave me the cold shoulder.

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