People on the Ladder

I have been up and down the ladder of "success" three times. This time I don't want to go up to far. I am where I want to stay financially. If the book is a success I will not benefit financially because all of the proceeds will go to helping others.

Something that people do not realize is that as you go down the ladder you find more people that are real. They do not play the game of life but they live life.

There are many who could be successful and many who were successful but they became addicts. They became addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Some just dropped out of life and fell into the bottle.

I am not saying that it is anybodies fault but theirs. When I was a drunk it was my choice not my ex wife's. When I quit it was my decision. This is the way it is with the lost and forgotten souls.

They have to find their own way out of there hole. I am trying to help them find the way but the only way they can get out is if they want to do it.

I see them get high and come back down. I see them shaking because they need to get high but don't want to. When they are not high and are not craving the stuff they talk about quitting and they know that they need to quit. The night before they plan on going into rehab they just have to have that last high that never is the last high.

If any of you know someone with a substance abuse problem. Talk to them. Don't preach to them but reason with them. It may not work in fact it probably won't. You may save a life.

When you do not succeed it hurts. But you have not failed. They are thinking about what you have said and someday they may realize that it is time to quit and do it.

The greatest reward is to have a lost and forgotten soul find themselves and be remembered and knowing you helped.

I have been hurt many times. I have thought about ending it all in the past. I thought about the bottle and drugs. Then I realized what I have gone through has given me a gift. Wisdom and an ability to help others help themselves.

The greatest gift we have is life. What we do with that gift is up to us. We can use it or abuse it. If we use it for good we will be rewarded. If we miss use it or abuse it we eventually lose. Addicts are not bad people but they are lost. They need their friends and family. If you do not know how to help look for places that can help you. If you contact the Salvation Army I am sure they can help. Check the internet search engines. Do not abandon them.

There will be times when you have to use tough love. You will have to use the word no a lot. They will tell you they hate you. Sometimes they will hate you. It is sometimes harder on you than it is on them but if you succeed the rewards are great.

Most of you probably do not know a crack addict. Most of you do know a drug and/or an alcohol abuser. Think about it. Someone that constantly has a drink, pill poppers and those that do both.

Some may not show that they are drunk or high. You may be used to their condition and not realize that they are drunk or high. This may be your child or your parent. A friend or a relative. They may need you to save their life. Excessive alcohol and drug use kills. This even includes marijuana.

If you are experimenting with drugs you are in danger. If you get addicted you may die tomorrow. Get help before it is too late. I have seen many lives go down the tubes. I have had many friends die. I do not know you. If you die I will not know. Someone will be hurt. Someone loves you. Someone needs you. There may be an unborn child, not even conceived yet that is depending on you to be clean and sober so that they have a chance at life.

I lost a child because it's mother was a crack addict. It is my fault too because we had unprotected sex and even though she told me she had quit I felt she had not. We love each other and even though she is now clean and sober we can not be together. One reason is the lose of that baby. She asked if it was male of female. It was too early to have a sex. We will never know. The baby disintegrated. It was there one Friday and the next it was gone. All that was there was the placenta.

Please, don't let this happen to your baby.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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