Manufacturing Plant

I had a client who manufactured machines for road repair.

The bookkeeper was leaving and he asked me if I was interested in working for him. He had been my client for 15 years and we got along well so I decided to do it. The pay wasn’t real to good but I figured that the future was good and within three years it would be much better.

Soon after I started he had to lay everyone off except the two of us. He was traveling to find buyers and I was the accountant, overseas sales manager, secretary and parts shipping department. I was also talking to a prospective customer in China.

When dealing with the Chinese you had to build a friendship with them.

The China deal was not set yet and the company was running out of money. I told the boss that we were going to be out of business if we did not get an order by the end of the week. On Friday I got the order for 2 machines for China with a 20% deposit.

The company had no credit so the boss had to borrow the money personally.

We ended up building 6 machines in that year and had 2 12 hour shifts 6 days a week.

Our China contact came to visit the plant. I took him out to the topless bars which made him very happy. He and I became good friends. I talked mostly with his sister and said she should come with his the next time. He said, “After fun we had there is no way.”

He asked me to go to China for 6 months but the boss said I was needed at the plant. I really did not like the idea of the nonstop flight from Detroit.

Things were looking good but it slowed down again and the boss's wife started divorce proceeding. The judge fell in love with her and she got everything but the company. The real estate that the corporation was on became her property. He went bankrupt and his plant manager bought the assets and moved the business to another state. The boss went with him as sales manager.

The wife ended up losing everything in a lawsuit.

I told him that he would find out that it was the best thing to happen to him and a year later he agreed. One thing I liked about him was he had a 9th grade education and invented a machine. Financially he is much better off.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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