The Kids and the Streets

Drugs are a fact of the streets. If you get the addict off the streets will they stop? No they will find drugs. They are in the streets for many reasons. Some because of drugs and some runaways that became prostitutes to survive and started using drugs that were all around them.

Today the Detroit PD had a drug bust 5 blocks from my apartment. If I knew about it I could have watched it from my window. Where I am it is safe. Four blocks away it is the Cass Corridor.

One of the best high schools in the city and possibly the country is there. The kids are all college bound and have high grades. They waited at a bus stop while the junkies begged in the streets, bought and used their drugs. They watched the prostitutes get picked up by their Johns.

The main drug house was closed down and tonight the drugs may not be on the corner. Tomorrow they will probably be back.

The city is full of abandoned and burned out houses, apartment building and businesses. Many are boarded up some are not. Some are homes for packs of dogs and cats. Some are homes for the homeless. Some used them to do there drugs. Rapist used them to drag there victims in and rape them.

Some of these are near schools and as the children walk by the fear that they may be the next victim. Bodies are found in them.

A lady was at a bus stop with her baby. She realized that she forgot the her purse and left her baby with a strange man and ran home to get her purse. She came back and the man and the baby were gone. A few days later the baby was found in an abandoned house. The man had a mental problem and did not know what to do with the baby. He just walked a way.

The city is tearing down these buildings slowly. Priority is the ones near the schools. They tore one down an apartment next to a school just before school was to start. Asbestos ended up in the school from the building. It took a few weeks to clean it up.

The abandoned buildings that are not in bad shape many times become drug houses. Drug addicts will rob people and go to the drug house for their drugs. Women will try to trade the bodies for drugs.

For those of you who think marijuana is safe let me tell you about a 16 year old boy who used it. He was a straight A student. He got a bad batch and started having black outs and psychotic episodes. The police saved him from being run over by a freight. He was stopped from jumping off a bridge. His grades dropped to Ds and Es.

He was 17 and working for a drug dealer. He was in the bathroom and a girl came in. The dealer refused to give her drugs for sex so she was going try to get them from the young man. She tried to pull his pants down and he shot her. He is probably in the state hospital for the criminally insane. Yes marijuana is harmless. So are guns.

The lowest scum on the earth are those who molest children. Those that sell drugs to children and turn young runaways into prostitutes.

There was this man who was in his mid fifties and worked for one of the automakers. He was also white. He approached Ne Ne and wanted her to recruit young girls. She was 14 and did not have sex or let him take pictures of her. When he was caught he had 150 nude pictures with some performing sex acts on him of young teenage black girls. He was out of jail in a year and a half. If he is caught in the neighborhood by the parents he will die.

I hope that our new mayor can speed up the demolition of the abandoned buildings. The Cass Corridor will be rebuild so that will help solve the problem in that part of the city. We have thousands of abandoned buildings and more are being added.. Hopefully the tide will turn soon.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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