Is somebody out there?

Many years ago the people in Europe thought that the earth was the center of the universe. They said the sun revolved around the earth. They thought that they were so cool that everything had to revolve around them. Some people thought the world was flat and some still do.

There are also some people today the feel that the Egyptians were visited by aliens. They also feel that the Indians in Mexico and South America were visited. We have sightings of UFOs and the Roswell stories.

Then you have the people that think we are too cool to have any life in the universe to be smarter and farther advanced than us.

I, the crazy old white man from the hood, think that there has to be other life out there that is further advanced than we are. They may not look like us but you can bet that they are way above us when it comes to intelligence.

I think they are waiting for us to advance some more and to be willing to be taught a better way. It is too soon because they are not sure what their reception will be. Will it be violent rejection or acceptance.

Religious folks would probably say that the bible says God started it and we are the first and only humans. Maybe God created man on other planets in other solar systems long before the earth came along. He didn't tell anybody because we were not ready. He just told us about the creation of earth and man because we were not smart enough to grasp the rest of it. Who says He has to tell us everything?

There could be thousands of other planets that have intelligent life on them. Maybe heaven is one of those planets and our souls will be transported there when we die.

I think that our planet will be saved by aliens from another planet. I think we will be given technology that will be millenniums ahead of ours. I see space travel becoming as common as air travel. I see colonies on the Moon, Mars and other planets. I see us saving other worlds from self destruction.

We have explored almost all of the land on the earth. All that is left is the deepest parts of the Oceans and Seas. The earth is getting too small. We have to go to other planets. There we will find resources that will further advance our civilization. With out space travel out economy will become stagnate and we will go into a depression.

Look at what we have because of the space program. Tang and the PC. We have all of out technological advances because of the space program. It has paid for itself many times over and if we stop we will lose out. The little green (or some other color) men may not want to come and help those who do not progress.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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