Hypocrisy and the Church.

I have a feeling that this one will piss some people off.  They say do not discuss religion or politics because they lead into arguments that do not end or end in broken friendship.  What I like about this forum is that I can say what I want and not listen to the people calling me a heathen.

I do not like people that go to church on Sunday and act holy and when they are out the door they talk about the other people and instead of being holier than though they are unholier than though.  I don=t like the way inner city preachers soak the poor and go home to the suburbs in their limos.  Many don=t even visit those who are in the hospital.  I am not saying that all churches are like this.

I do not like it when churches protect pedophile ministers by transferring them so they can continue to molest children.  Then they cover up the wrong doing in their church to protect their image.

I was raised as an Episcopal and as a teenager wanted to be an Episcopal minister.  I became disenchanted with the churches and I know praise the lord in my own way.  Yes I do believe in God and Christ.  I also believe in helping those who are in need.

I believe in happiness and living life in a way that I will be happy and spread my happiness to others.  If I become a preacher I will not preach a religion but a way of life.  I will not preach damnation and hellfire but a life that will help you get to heaven, I will preach love and helping others find themselves.  I will preach how you can always have a good day and a good life.  I will preach a healthy attitude.  I will let assholes know what they are and let them know how to change their life before their hate and the hatred that others have for them destroys them.

I will not preach against any religion but I will open my doors and heart to people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds.  Though I am a Christian I will not preach Christianity but love of God and love of man.  I will ask people to learn from other religions and invite guests to come and tell about their religious beliefs.

I will not preach the Bible because I feel that it is not the word of God but the word of religious leaders many of whom wrote for their benefit.  I will preach from my heart and from my experiences in life.

The world needs love and it needs to have the religious leaders through out the world tell their followers that just because a person has different beliefs they are not bad. 

God is good.  No one knows which religion is right.  There is good in all religions that do not follow Satan.  I feel those of all religions that praise God (no matter what name they use) can make it to heaven and receive God=s blessing.  Even those religions that have more than one god have his love because their gods are different faces of the one God.

Instead of fearing or hating people who are different let those differences add to your knowledge of life.  Even if you disagree remember that they disagree with you.  Only God can judge not you. What is right may be somewhere in between.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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