This is Shammi Kapoor's Family in India

I am looking for pictures to add to this site.  If you have some please E-mail me at  The Crazy Old White Man .  I want pictures that show the Human Rainbow in a family.

Anthropologist have said that in 500 years there will be one race.  Many think that will mean the end to prejudice. The sad fact is that prejudice is more color than race.  Even within a race there is prejudice between colors In the black race you have high yellow at one end to very dark at the other end.  In the white race you have prejudice with color too but there is more prejudice about religion and nationality with the white race.  Their color prejudice is more against non whites.

I am here to say that there is no reason for prejudice. We are all humans.  There are good and bad among all people.

Over the past 20 years I have lived with mostly black people.  In many cases I would be the only white person there I have rarely had a problem. I date black women. I am not prejudice against white women. One of my best friends is a white woman. I just prefer black women.

I am more comfortable with blacks than I am with whites because of problems I have had with whites when I was with my black ex-wife and because I have been with blacks more than whites. What attracts me to black women? Number one is the booty.  Number two is the various colors. Number three is that I can talk easier with a black woman that a white woman. Like I say I do not dislike white women. If I see a beautiful white woman I will say that she is a beautiful woman.

There is a woman that I have been close to over the years.  One time we were both unattached. We were talking about getting together. We were at a party and I was at the pool table.

A man asked, "Why aren't you with your own kind?"

She said, I am, we are both humans."

A few minutes later a man came to us and said, "I'm a Vietnam Veteran. (Nothing against Vietnam Veterans. I volunteered for Vietnam but failed the physical in 1964. Usually when a man is drunk and says that the conversation will be negative.) If I go to a white bar with a white woman I would have a problem. A bigot would want to fight. You go into a black bar with a black woman you don't have a problem."

I said, "It looks like I have a problem now."

He apologized and left.  My lady was upset and left.

The next week there was another party. At 1:00 am she came in.  (It was like a romance movie.) Everybody stopped and cleared a path for her to come to me. It was like she was running in slow motion. We took each others hand and walked to the dance floor. 

We were the only ones on the dance floor and the disc jockey said, "This song was dedicated to the "Gray Fox" and his lady Jonnie." 

Everybody watched us dance.  After the dance we decided to just be good friends and to this day we are good friends.

Sorry about the ending but it was a true store and truth is not perfect.

The story shows in a small scale the problem mixed couples have.

My son came home one day and said, "Ma Ma, am I black or am I white." 

She said, "You are black." 

He put his arm next to mine and it was lighter than mine.  He said, "Ma Ma, if I am black than Daddy's black."

We are all human.  That is what counts.  The 1990 census asked for race and nationality.  What difference does it make we are all in the human race. Then they said if you are Hispanic mark that no matter what your race is.  In other words the want to dilute the minorities even further.  That means fewer blacks were counted.  They need an instruction book just to decide what you are. (The 2000 census corrected it and you could check both Hispanic and your race.

I never filled out the 1990 census (call me a bad guy but it is a bunch of questions that promote racism.)  Why not just count people?

The census taker came to my house and said "Who lives here?"

I answered, "My wife, my child and I."

He asked, "What is your wife's race?

I said, "Mutt."

He said, "You have to give me one race."

I said, "She is not one race, she is 60% black, 30% Native American and 10% white. 

He said, "She is black."

More than 50%, I'll give that to him. 

"What race is your son?" Stupid question.

I tried again, "Mutt.  He is 55% white 15% Native American and 30% black.  I would say if you had to pick it would be white.  Because of society he is black. His birth certificate says black," (Today in Michigan he could have either black or white because he looks white but is mixed with black.)

We are all the human race.  Why is everyone so preoccupied with race.  God doesn't care why should we.  I would love to see the look on the redneck's face when God tells him Jesus was a Jew and black.

As I said above please help me with pictures and my thanks to Shammi Kapoor and his beautiful family.

look around my other sights and come again I hope to have more families soon and more words.  Your ideas are welcome.

School on the Amazon in Peru.

The Amazon Towers,Photographed by Leo Principe

I was surfing looking for pictures for this sight when I saw this. There are no people in the picture but if you look at the people of the amazon you will see beauty of the Human Rainbow In one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Click the title to go there. Tell them I sent you and they will say "Who's he?"

Triston says, "I live in Malaysia. In this country, we have at least three major races and we live in harmony too and I really can't understand why some people of different races just can't live together in peace." Jealousy.

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