Great Grandma

My ex ex wife's great grandmother was a voodoo queen. If you do not believe in voodoo this may change your mind. I know that I would not want to piss this woman off.

She never saw a doctor until she turned 100. She went to the hospital and sent her grand niece to get the money for the hospital. She did not trust the banks and stashed her money at home.

She said, "The money is in my hope chest under the bedroom window. Find out how much you need and pay the hospital bill."

The grand niece went to the house and the hope chest did not have any of the money in it. Before going back she saw her uncle Billy had just bought a new car. He bragged that he paid cash. He also had a new high priced suit on.

The grand niece went back to the hospital and told her great aunt about the missing money and Uncle Billy.

She said, "Billy will get his for what he did."

Billy was driving his new car and showing it off and it quit on him. He was towed to the shop and the mechanic could not figure out what was wrong. He put the car on the hoist and when it got to the top it fell off and smashed Billy's legs.

At that time the nurse heard Great grandma say, "Gotchya."

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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