Gina is a cute little thing. She is in the thirties and until recently I have never seen here not either high our with her mouth going a mile a second trying to get money for more crack. Since she cut down I have noticed what I always thought. She is a very nice person and seems to be intelligent.

I met Gina when I first moved in to the building. We had a fling or two or more. I also bought clothes from her. For $20 I got an Adidas coat and a nice sexual interlude.

She was planning to go to rehab and didn't want me to get lonely so she brought a replacement for me. She didn't go to rehab so I had two coming by.

The problem was that she would come by as late as 3 AM. I would be sleeping and hear a tapping on the door. I would roll over and the tap would become a knock. I would cover my ears and the knock would become a bang.

I would open the door and say, "What in the hell do you want?" (Dumb question)

She would say, "Did I wake you?" (I guess at 3 AM we all ask dumb questions.)

I told her, "Gina, I like you and I enjoy our time together. After mid night on week nights I do not function well. Please do not come back at this time again."

Of course that did not stop her.

She would knock on the door and walk right in and take her clothes off. I would say, "Sorry honey I don't have time." or "Put your clothes back on I have company" or "I want it, I want it, I want it."

Gina and I got to be pretty close then I did not see her for a while. They got new security guards and they would not let her in the building. A few of months ago I she had a mild stroke and a massive heart attack. I saw he a couple of weeks ago and she was looking good.

She lives with a guy in a nice high rise a few blocks away. He lets her have everything she wants.

I think he is running low on money because two days ago she tried to sell me a coat.

When the book comes out you will be able to read more about the sexy parts so be sure to buy it. You will be helping the lost souls.

She had cut down on crack but it looked like she was still using.

Gina died in April of 2003.  She was about 36 and had her second heart attack.  Crack does Kill.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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