When I met Geneva she was 21 but looked like she was 15. Just as I walked into the lobby she pulled her pants down and mooned a friend. When we first met she wanted me to be her uncle. Then she wanted me to be her man. I told her what she needed now was a father. She immediately adopted me as her father. She tells everyone that I am her father.

She was raised around drugs. Her mother is in prison on drug charges. She was with her uncle when the cops pulled him over. He was busted for possession of crack She had a joint in her pocket so she got busted for possession.

I do not know how she stayed away from crack. She quit using weed but still drinks. I am trying to teach her about life. She knows the streets but she doesn't know the world out side of the streets. She has a problem with trusting the wrong people and with spending money on clothes and not having enough to pay the bills. She is doing better now. She is working 2 jobs.

Her mother was getting out of prison. She used to live in the building I live in (She went to prison before I moved in. Geneva moved to a house just before her mother came home. She put the deposit on it and paid the rent.

Her mother got out and spent more time in this building with her crack head friends than her daughter. She stole the rent money from Geneva and told everyone Geneva stole it from her.

I told Geneva that if she wasn't careful her mama was going to get her sent to jail.

I live 2 blocks from the Detroit Tigers home field. At the end of a ball game the street is full of cars. The night of the fireworks and a sold out ball game there were over 1.5 million downtown.

Her mama was walking down the middle of the street drunk and high on crack. I do not know how she missed getting hit by a car.

Luckily for Geneva her mother was sent back to prison within 2 months. Her mama's friends were kicked out of the building. Geneva lives and works about 50 miles away. She stays with relatives who are not on drugs.

About once a month she comes for a visit. We order a pizza and talk. I give her money to pay her ride and she heads for home. She calls a couple of times a week.

Her mother will be getting out soon. I hope she stays away from the addicts this time and I hope she goes back to being a mother. Geneva needs her mother clean and sober. She had a hard life and no one showed her love until I came around.

If her mother comes back and goes back to the drugs I am afraid it may ruin all of the progress we have made. Geneva sounds tough but she is a very fragile young lady.

She just called. Talk about coincidence.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

Her mother came back and caused many problems for her so she moved out .

I had moved to a hotel/apartment building. Geneva and a friend helped me move. One of the housekeepers was in the elevator and Geneva told her that she and her brother were in a foster home and were abused. I came to the rescue and took them in. The housekeeper said I was so nice and hugged me. The next time I saw the housekeeper I told her that it was a story she made up. Geneva could make you believe everything she said.. I haven't seen her in a long time. I miss her as I miss many people I knew and loved.

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