Downtown Detroit is being reborn. The Detroit Police Department has made it safe. There are casinos and many places for entertainment. We have a one of the best baseball stadiums and by the time this book is in print the best football stadium. It has become a party city.

The neighborhoods are getting better too. The young people are tired of seeing their friends killed and put into wheel chairs. The gangs are on their way out.

We still have a drug problem, a homeless problem and prostitution problem. We still have the lost souls of the streets. The suburbs, the state, the country and the world still has the problems caused by drugs and racial, religious and ethnic prejudices.

The purpose of this book is to open the readers eyes to the problem of the lost souls and to help them find there true selves. The proceeds from this book will go to rehabilitation of the drug addicts and the fight against prejudice. My time will be spent on this fight to. The book and I can not do it alone. I will need your help.

If you have friends on drugs look for ways to help them. If you have friends that show prejudice talk to them and try to set them straight. Spread the word on the internet that prejudice must go in order for the world to have peace.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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