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What can we do about the Drug Problem?

Good question. I wish I had a good answer. The government can't get the drugs off the street. Every time they make a bust the people are back on the street or someone else is there in their place. We have to fight the addiction.

For this article addiction will be to drugs and alcohol.

What I am going to say is all based on what I have experienced over the years. I have no formal education. I was not an addict but I was a drunk and woke up one day with a new life and quit getting drunk. I haven't had a drink in 10 years because I don't want to drink.

We have to start with the children. My kids from my first marriage saw first hand what drugs can do. They said no every time.

I have seen children walking around with a contact high from crack. For them the contact high is like what the adult gets smoking it. What can we do for the children of the addicts? How do we keep them from following in their parents foot steps?

We have to do what is best for the children. As long as the parents are addicted the children are in danger. That is child abuse. Children of addicts are beaten, sold, left at home alone and in some cases abandoned.

We have to save the children. We have to remove the children from the home until the parents get their act together. If the parents are not together and one parent is clean and sober that parent should be given custody of the children. If the other parent can not or will not take the children try to find a relative. If no relative come forward then the only thing left is a foster family until the parent is clean and sober.

Once the parent regains custody they should have random drug tests for at least a year.

The schools should have continuing drug education programs starting in elementary school and continuing through college.

There should also be evening classes for parents to help them deal with the problem.

What do we do about the addict? Based on my experience the addict has to want to quit. No program will be able to get them to stop unless the want to stop. Most of the people I know on drugs that have gone to rehab went back to drugs within a month. They go back to the old neighborhood and so called friends who drag them back into addiction.

NA and AA tell you that once an addict always an addict. This gives many a defeatist attitude. Why should I quit when I will never be free of the problem? Why should I go through life worrying every day about having a drink.

I changed my attitude and I have not had a drink in 10 years. I go to bars. I tended bar. I have no urge to drink. Nothing makes me want a drink. I get high on life.

For some people AA and NA works. Some people may have an illness that causes them to lose control. I feel that in most cases you need an attitude adjustment. Hypnosis may work for some.

First of all the addict has to want to quit. If they don't want to quit they will not. Even hypnosis will not work if the do not want to quit.

Why do they have the problem in the first place? What made them start using?

In most cases they have low self esteem. They feel unwanted and unloved.

You have to find the root of the problem and try to ease the damage done by the problem. If it was a death in the family or another loved one you have to help them deal with it. Convince them that the person would not want them to be addicts. Convince them that the person is watching over them.

You have to build their self esteem. Convince them that they can do anything they set there mind to and that they can quit.

You have to make them understand that drugs can not cure any problems but will only make them worse. I do not let anything bother me anymore. If lose a woman no matter how much I cared for her I am not going to go to the bottle. Life goes on and it may get better with her gone.

Show them what drugs can do. The homeless who can't find a job because of their addictions. People missing arms and legs because of drugs. Women who are 30 and look 60. People who had strokes because of drugs. People whose hearts exploded because of drugs. People who fried their brains with drugs and go around on the streets talking to themselves.

You have to convince them to care enough about themselves to want to stop before it happens to them. You have to show them love and give them reasons to love themselves enough to save themselves from themselves.

They are lost souls and you have to help them find themselves. Their whole attitude about life, themselves, their loved ones and their so called friends has to be changed.

This is not an over night process before rehab it may take a year or more for them to even go to rehab. Once in rehab it may take 2 to 6 months in house and 4 to 6 months outhouse. Then you need to give them a 24/7 support line for when they need help.

You can not tell them that they are doomed to a life of addiction. You can not tell them that only God can save them. God gave us the power to reason. He gave us the power to help ourselves and he gave others the power to help us help ourselves.

The key is that the person has to fight addiction from within. The only one that can win the war against addiction is the addicted one. They may need help but in the end they have to save there own asses.

As I said I have no formal training on this subject. I did not go to school for this. I learned at the best place to learn about the problem and the cure. I learned from the streets.

All of the high priced studies, all of the books, all of the classes and all of the highly educated doctors can not save the addict. You have to learn from the biggest school. You have to learn from the streets.

Yes you need the doctors to help during the cold turkey part of the process. The rest of it takes those who have been there. Former drunks and drug addicts. After rehab they need support. They need someone they can talk to when they are down. Someone they can get a hold of 24 hours a day.

NA and AA will say I am full of shit. You may say that I am full of shit. I know a lot of addicts. Some never went to rehab and are now off drugs and alcohol they changed their attitude. I changed my attitude and quit using alcohol.

NA and AA have helped many. I say that an attitude readjustment program will save the souls that they can not save. They treat an illness. This program would treat the soul.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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