My Fatal Attraction

I was in a bar and I met a dancer. She was on stage and I gave her a tip. When she got off she came over to my table and introduced herself. I told her my name and told her I was an accountant. (I did tax returns for a few dancers.)

Danielle said, "I am an accountant. I have 3 years experience and my degree. I can't find a job because I am a black female. Most white firms would not hire blacks, especially women. The black firms don't pay enough. I make more money dancing. Are you hiring."

I looked at her and I asked her about her experience. After hearing about what she could do I said, "I am no longer a CPA. I dropped the CPA because I got tired of the state regulating my business and having to charge client for the unnecessary work to cover my ass and make the regulators happy."

I do need some help. I can pay you on a per job basis when I get paid. If you bring in clients you will get 50% of collected billings. If you bring in enough work you, do good work and we get along I will make you a partner."

Danielle said, "I will keep dancing until we get going well enough for me to quit. If we don't become partners I will at least have enough experience to go out on my own with the clients I bring in. I will dance until it is big enough to support me."

"I want it to be strictly business."

I agreed and she was supposed to start the following Monday.

The day Danielle was supposed to start she did not show up. I called her mother (who had a hatred for whites) said she was in a hospital. She would not tell me where or why.

Danielle called an said, "I am in the psych ward at the Osteopathic Hospital. I will be here for at least 30 days. Can you come and visit."

I said I could and visited her daily. She was manic depressive and so was her mother, who she lived with. When she got out she came to work.

She went to Chicago to see her father for a long weekend and had glass of wine. That and her medication landed her in the Illinois State Hospital. I had a call from her Doctor in Illinois and he asked if I could give her a place to stay. She could not stay with her mother.

Danielle moved into the office.

An old girl friend, Judy called and Danielle answered. She said, "Leave my man alone you crazy bitch." Danielle said to me, "The crazy part was right but I am not a bitch."

Soon I met a new girl friend. She tended bar at a topless bar.

The fatal attraction wasn't happy. I came in the office one morning and she was sitting at the desk in only a t-shirt.

She opened her legs and asked, "Do you want this?"

I was tempted. We did have sex once before and decided that we should keep it business. Many times when I would be there late and we came close and decided not to jeopardize the business relationship.

I answered, "Danielle, you know I am involved with someone else and you are the one that said that we should keep or relationship strictly business. I think it would be best if we ended this. I will give you two weeks to find a place to live."

That was not the right answer. She stopped taking her medication and became a nut case. She called the clients and told them to come and get their files. She was going to burn down that building. I lost some business.

I called the police and asked how I can get her out. The cop said, "Throw her and her stuff out."

I said, "Isn't that be illegal. She can have me arrested for assault and battery."

The cop agreed and said, "Hopefully she doesn't know that."

I had the locks that she had keys for. I left for a while and left a note on the door telling her she could pick her stuff up at 5pm. When I came back my key would not work. I had a double pane glass door and an iron bar door. Her desk was by the door and I saw a paper from the locksmith I used.

I called the company and said, "I had the locks changed in my front gate and door. You then sent someone out to change them again. Why did you come out the second time?"

The lady said that she rented the place and lost the key. We didn't know that it was the same one we did earlier until you just told me. Someone else took the second order and it was a different locksmith."

I was quite upset and told him, "Now you have to change them again. Did she pay you with a check? Yes the guy said she had checks with that address on them. That is why he figured it was alright."

I was incensed. I asked him, "If I have your address put on my checks will you have your locks changed for me?"

He said, "That's different."

I said, "No, it is not. You are supposed to have proof that the person is in a position to change the locks. I had a letter from the owner of the building that I was the tenant and had his approval to change the locks. Now you have to change the locks for a third time and since her check will bounce you will only be paid once."

He sent a guy right out and I found out later that the check did bounce.

She came at 5 and I had her stuff out for her. I had the gate locked and the inside door open. She was not happy and started making a scene. The owner of the bar next door called the police. This was the third time the were called because of her and about 10 cars came because the all wanted to watch. They helped her put the stuff in her car and they all left.

I had an answering machine tape full of threats at the office. I was still living at the sister-in-laws and she called there. We screened the calls and it was too much for my sister-in-law so I ended up moving into the office.

I played the tapes to the police and they said they could not do anything until she followed through with her threats. Her probation officer said if I would have had her arrested for trespass she could violate her if she was convicted.

The investigators from AT&T came looking for her for credit card fraud. (She used her mother's card.) I would imagine that they found her. Never saw her again.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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