These two are short. Danny was not around and Dreena is in other stories.


Danny is Brenda's other brother. Danny was in a Detroit R & B group and they had a recording offer. The night before the contract was to be signed Danny was busted for selling drugs. He went to prison for 3 years and his promising career became an unobtainable dream.

Danny was someone I could talk to about Brenda and my efforts to help her. He told me something I never realized before. He said I was as much of an addict as she was. I wasn't addicted to crack but I was addicted to her.

When Brenda and I would have a battle Danny's house was one of my escapes. He never blamed anyone for his drug problem. He did say that Brenda got him started but he also realized that he could have said no.

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Dreena is a piece of work. She is tall and she is wild. She is a crack addict and an alcoholic. She has three beautiful daughters and a tall son and a grand daughter that was almost a victim of abortion (See kids and the streets)

Whenever Brenda tried to quit Dreena and Vernon were their to get her started again. The same thing would happen if one of the others tried to quit.

Dreena had a boyfriend that was an abusive piece of shit. She would show up with broken arms and legs. He threatened Brenda and she told him flat out that if he tried anything she would kill him and I told him if she didn't I would. When the family had enough and she decided to leave he was warned to stay away from her.

I met him in the Chicago lounge and he was with two women. He told them I was his buddy. While he shot pool I told them about him. They left and he came back and asked what happened to the ladies. I told him that they realized he was an ass hole and left.

Dreena's next man was a good man. He passed away after a couple of years. Another victim of drugs.

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