Do Not Pass Go

It's a big room and about 30 of use are waiting to see the judge and find out where we are going to sleep tonight.

One guy in a jogging suit is going around with his hands in his pants. Note that we all spent 72 hours in the precinct lockups with no showers. We had a sink but no soap or towels. We have been wearing the same clothes we had on when we got busted.

A guard came in and said someone has been smoking weed. There is no drug sniffing dog but there is a drug sniffing guard.

We all stood in a row with our had held out in front of us. The sniffing guard walked in with his fearless leader and started sniffing. The guy in the jogging suit was next to me. The guard sniffed his hands and almost passed out. After a minute to recover he went down the rest of the row and caught 2 guys. They were reported to the judge and got high bail.

The guy next to me and laughed and said to me, "I wasn't playing with my self. It was my joint."

The judge sent my bail at $1,000/10%. I needed $100 for my bail plus my tickets which were $250 and my child support warrant was for $1,900. I figured I needed a 2 week stay in jail. I was going to have a friend pay the $100. The city where I had the tickets would come for me and I would pay them and then the friend of the court would come. The friend of the court would let me go because I could not afford to pay and it was back support. Both kids were over 18.

I went to another bull pen in the jail. There was a young man in there that just got out of the hospital. He was a track star in high school. Here is his story.

"I was out running. A cop behind me told me to stop. I did not see or hear him.

Suddenly I felt something hit me in the back of my head. The bullet tore through my jaw and tore out all of my teeth on the right side and came out on the side of my mouth. I ran around the corner not knowing who shot me and hid under a pick up. The cop saw my blood coming from under the truck and said, 'Come out or die.'

I was sent to the hospital and spent 3 weeks there with no visitors or phone calls. I just got out and still have not had a phone call."

I told him, " Call a civil lawyer. This is a big law suit and he will get you the best criminal lawyer around."

Another guy said, "Was the cop black."

I looked around and realized that I was the only white guy there. The young man looked at me a smiled then said, "He was black." I knew that he was white but the young man was saving me from having a problem.

I don't know what happened to him. I hope he got big bucks. He just turned 18 a couple of days before he was shot. He was charged with armed robbery. They had no gun or other evidence. Too some of the store keepers all of the black kids look alike so his eyewitness testimony would be suspect.

I was then sent to a sergeant place me. The new section of the jail had nice 2 man cells with a lounge area and color TV. The old section had 10 man cells with bars on two sides. The tv was a small black and white out side of the cell. There was a long table. The toilet was in the open with a sink on the back of it. The was a stall shower next to it.

I was talking to the sergeant who. He was looking at me sort of strange so I said, "What's up?"

He said, "You look Caucasian and it says here that you are Caucasian. You ain't white."

I told him, "Put your mind at ease and put me in a cell with all blacks. I do get along with white people, especially poor white trash."

I went to another lockup. To get my jail uniform and slippers.

I met another young black man that was in a car with two older white guys. They got stopped and there was crack in the back seat between the 2 of them. I asked, "Do you and the other guys use crack."

He said, "I don't but they do."

I asked, "What about bail."

"My father is not going to bail me out", he answered.

I told him, "The others will make bail and get together with their story. The driver will get off and they will say it is yours.

If you don't do drugs you will be charged with sale. If the other guy admits that they were his he would go to rehab."

There was another guy listening and he got into the conversation. "I am going to prison for selling drugs. I have been there before. You are young and cute. You have no chance in prison unless you find a big friend to help you. You may have to be his bitch. Listen to the old white man, he has a lot of street sense for a old white man. You have to fight this. Try to convince the other guy to admit they were his. It may save his life because he would go to rehab.

I got a 10 man cell with all blacks. I was called, "Old Man." I got seconds and if I wanted thirds on all meals. I played cards and made friends. I enjoyed it. If I could stay for a couple of weeks I could quit smoking.

There were 2 guys that were 18 and they were the best cartoonist I have ever seen. They drew ghetto comics and if they had the right people helping them they could get in the funny section of the papers. Another guy was a play write. I wanted to get him with my friend that was a play write.

The main thing I found out was that the inmates were almost all there because they were poor. The crimes were petty or committed to get food for the family or drugs.

The play write gave me his story.

"I was in a parking lot with my razor blade. I would go behind the cars and carefully take the year tabs off the plates. I would sell them." His crime report showed he was busted with 6 tabs, a razor blade and a tube of super glue.

Another inmate said, "Man I was walking and saw a door open. I went in an saw a nice TV, unplugged it and headed for the door. An old lady started running toward me and I ran with the TV. I tripped on the way out and the TV went flying.

Before I knew it the cops were all over me and I was on my way to jail."

After a few days the white guards did not like it so they moved me. I said, "Hey man, I ain't white. Leave me with the brothers." The brothers all said, "He's a brother don't take him away." I didn't have time to find out how to contact the cartoonists or play write.

They moved me to a cell that was half white and half black. The black guys accepted me as a brother and the white guys were raised in the hood.

One guy was a few years younger than me. He was busted for drunk driving for the fourth time and charged with felony drunk driving. He said, "I am on disability and have no family. If I get probation it will cost me. I want prison."

You ever try to smoke toilet paper? Don't.

My bail was set at $1000/10% or $100. My tickets were $250 and my child support warrant was for $1,900. I figured I needed a 2 week stay in jail. I was going to have a friend pay the $100. The city where I had the tickets would come for me and I would pay them and then the friend of the court would come. The friend of the court would let me go because I could not afford to pay and it was back support. Both kids were over 18.

My dear client bailed me out. He had some work for me to do and was in a hurry so he bailed me out. I had to pay him back and that caused me to lose my apartment. The income from him was almost half of my income and it took 7 months to pay him back. The friend of the court told me a week later that I still owed $4,800 but did not have to pay because I didn't have the money. Told me to come back in six months to see if I can afford to start making payments. He also said that I would not have had to pay the warrant. He would have let me go when he saw me and said the same thing about that too

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