Tending Bar at The Cop Bar

Well here we are at another bar. This time instead of a redneck bar it is a black owned mostly black clientele bar.

I was at a steak house and a young lady came in that looked a lot like my second wife. I was about 3 blocks away from where she lived and I thought, "Oh oh, I have to get out of here."

It wasn't her. She sat next to me and we talked. Her name was Janette.

"You had me scared." I said, "I thought you were my ex-wife."

We talked for a while and her boyfriend came in. He was white, a cop and named Bill. By this time we were like brother and sister. She introduced me to here boyfriend and she mentioned her bar and asked me to come by.

I went to Janette's bar and she introduced me to her sister, Tanya, who helped run the bar. I sat with Bill at the end of the bar and we got to know each other. His partner and other black cops came in and suddenly I found myself talking to a bunch of cops. The other cops realized that I was a OERO (reverse oreo) and we all got along well.

A few days later I told her Bill, "You are the first white cop that I liked."

His partner patted me on the back and said, "You are a brother and we agree with you."

(As a side bar - at this time I did not drink alcohol. I drank mostly cola.)

I was living in a motel and had an office. I was thinking about moving into my office and Janette said, "Why don't you move into the bar? You can clean up between closing and opening and make the runs to the party store when we are open. When we have parties or entertainment you can be the bouncer on the door for $5.50 an hour. You can collect the cover charge check women's purses and frisk the men."

I said, "I will try it."

After 2 weeks I decided to move into my office but Janette wanted me to come in at 6pm Wednesday through Saturday. Get the ice, stock the bar with the beer from the back room and clean up and open the bar at 7 pm. She or Tanya would come in at 11pm and take over.

Now I was tending bar again. This time the customers were more my type of person. When they first walked in the stopped and almost walked out.

I called to them, "Wait, you have the right place. Just ignore the color of skin. The barmaids come in at 11. Have a drink and if you wish come back when the women get here. Soon I had some regular customers. Wednesday and Thursday night were slow.

Janette told me to lock the door and only open it when the first customer comes in. I told her it was too much trouble and that the customers would think I was afraid. In the hood you never show fear, especially if you are a gray haired white man.

Four young guys came in. The biggest one asked for a shot of Tequila.
I said, "If you have valid ID I will sell it to you. If you do not you can have pop and shoot pool. You have to sit at a table."

The guy smiled, pulled out a wad of bills went past a couple of hundreds for a fifty and said, "Sell me a fifth and we will go. I'll give you fifty for it."

I laughed and said, "If I sell you a fifth, you and your posse go out and get yourselves killed. Or you may be a cop just waiting to bust my ass. Why don't you and your buddies take you young asses out of here."

He said, "No problem old man, Thanks anyway."

"Come back when you are old enough and take care guys." I said and the left.

A big dude came in. My first thought was that he was a cop. (Cops are usually good tippers.)

I asked, "How are you doing officer?"

He looked at me and smiled and asked, "How did you know?"

"I always know. I have been on both sides of the law and I can usually spot a cop a mile away." I answered.

We talked for a while and a young lady came in. She was a prison guard.

He was narco and arrested dealers, she guarded the dealers after she arrested them and I bought from dealers for my lady. We were talking about the dealers that would get busted first and the ones that would get busted last. What's the difference you ask? Good question.

The dealers that sell to kids get busted first. Then the dealers that are obvious and where the neighbors complain. The last ones are the ones that help the people in the hood and do not sell to kids.

For example, an old lady had her purse snatched. The dealer saw it and went after the guy. When the cops got there the dealer was coming back with the purse. The cop asked where the thief was and the dealer said, "He tripped an fell when I was chasing him. He is a couple of blocks down that street. I think he hurt himself pretty bad when he fell."

After the thief got out of the hospital he went to jail. Witnesses said he tripped and fell and the dealer got the purse and returned it. The dealer made sure his customers did not cause a problem in the hood. If they did the were told not to come back, if the did they learned why they should not come back.

The next customer was a guard in the county jail. He said, "You look familiar. Did you ever work in the county jail?"

The narc laughed and said, "He was on the other side of the bars."

I enjoyed tending bar at this place. The customer were more enjoyable than the other place. The tips were good from the cops and the women.

Never had a problem when I refused to serve anyone because they looked too young and had no ID. In the redneck bar half of my time was keeping the peace and I got hit in the jaw twice. Here there we no threats no problems. I was accepted by the customers and one of them.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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