Cloud Nine


Cloud Nine is a topless bar in a depressed town. It was in the closest town to where I was living where I could find black women. Most of the time half of the dancers were white and half were black.

The black dancers would dance for me and I would give them a booty rub as the danced. They loved it and if I did not have the money they danced anyway for the booty rub.

One of the white dancers came up to me and asked, "Why don't you ever ask the white dancers to dance for you?"

I answered, "No offense, Jane but I am only attracted to black women. I like you as a person but there is no sexual feeling."

"We want the booty rubs too, Lee."

"Jane, I am sorry but white women have no booty to rub. I have to admit that your booty is nice but I can't take a chance that could ruin my reputation."

I met up with a dancer that was a cute little thang with a body that would not quit. Her stage name was Delicious. (My ex girlfriend Shirley danced under the name Miss Delicious.) She was engaged to a gansta rapper who recently got out of prison. He had a album out and he went to the schools to talk the kids out of gang banging. He was shot 13 times in a gunfight and went to prison.

Delicious said, "Doug is cheating on me and I am ready to leave him. When I do we can get together. I am going to talk to him after work."

I told her, "My concern is your happiness. If he straightens out and you want to give him a chance I understand. Just remember that no matter what you have me to talk to."

The next day she introduced me to Kat, Doug's sister.

Kat was tall and slim. Light complection, in fact the lightest I have been with. We hit it off right away.

Kat had a hard life. She was sexually abused by her father and he went to prison for it. Every man she was with abused her except for the father of her daughter who was murdered. She did not trust men and had no plans of being with one. She lived with a lesbian but she said they were not lovers. In fact the lesbian wanted her and I to be together.

She was afraid to go out because she was afraid of falling in love again. She wanted me around when she worked and asked me to give her at least six months.

The bouncer would let me in without a cover charge and when I was low on money the waitresses and barmaid would give me water and an occasional free cola.

Some times I would sit at a table and have a dancer on each knee and one or two more at the table. It would drive the other customers crazy. They all liked me because I treated them like ladies and I never downed them. I was honest and treated them with respect.

Every Friday night they had a contest. Either the dancers were the participants or the customers would get involved. My favorite was the nipple sucking contest.

Four dancers would each pick a customer. Four chairs were put on the stage.

The customers would be blind folded and the dancers would take off their shirts.

When Kat brought me up the dj said, " We have an gray haired old man and three young guys. Let's find out if experience can win."

When the dj said go the dancers put baby bottles full of beer in our mouths and the first one finished won. I was first. That was the first beer I had in 5 years. When you drink though a nipple it hits you faster. I almost fell off the stage.

I told the dj that he was lucky I am a reformed drunk and not a recovering alcoholic.

I would sit at the stage and Kat would be talking to a customer or dancing for him and I could see her in the mirrored walls. I would look like I was watching the dancer on stage and I would be watching Kat.

If she was with a customer she did not trust she would look in the wall mirror and I would give her a sign that I was watching then say, "See the big gray haired guy at the table in front of the stage."

The customer would say, "Yes."

"That is my man. He watches me because he doesn't trust the bouncer to come to my rescue when I have a problem."

"He's watching the dancer."

"Watch this." She would motion to the mirror and I would jump up and start to go to her. She would motion for me to sit down and I would go back to looking like I am looking at the dancer. The customer would be no problem and we think he tipped better too.

Kat was supporting two kids. She during the night she would come to my table between customers to get her calculator and book. She would keep track of her tips and at the end of the night pay her rent to the bar and the dj. She was good at keeping records and making sure the bill were paid.

I lost my job and Kat asked me to move there instead of going to back to the big city. She said she would help me build my business there and I could go to the city when I needed to for those clients.

I tried but my ex girlfriend's daughter was having problems with the law in the city. She needed a father. I told Kat she could make more money and work less in the city but she was afraid to go.

I told her, "Life with you is a dream. We have a wall between us and it is not coming down. You try but then get scared and back down. I have a little girl that needs me in the city. As long as I am unattached if you decide to come down I will welcome you. Now you are a dream and the little lady is reality. I need to go home.

I still miss her sometimes. I hope to see her again someday.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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