City Dogs

I was a Veterinary assistant when I was 13. I learned how to handle any dog. The police used to come and get me to help them for calls to pick up stray dogs.

I think the top three dogs in the city are the Pit Bull then the Rottweiler and the Doberman. All three are unpredictable and dangerous around children. Their danger are in the same order as above.

The street dogs are in most cases mutts many of them part German Shepherd. These dogs live in the abandoned buildings. Many travel in packs but they usually leave people alone. I never had a problem with them. When I see them I just stand still and do not show fear. I stare the leader down and they continue on there way.

I have never had a problem with the dogs. I had a Pit Bull run at me and I looked it in the eyes and yelled at it. I told it get it's F___ing a__ back in it's f___ing yard. It ran for it's yard.

Normally when dogs are barking at me I talk to them. If they get nasty I bark back but I get nastier with my barks. They either look at me like I am crazy or go hide. People with guard dogs hate it when a stranger gets the dog to calm down and they really get upset when the person pets the dog and the dog licks the stranger.

I had a friend that asked me to call him when I was going to walk by his house so he could put the dog in. It was a Pit Bull and he did not want to see how it acted when it saw me. I would go to the fence and it would run up to me and I would pet it and it would lick my hand. Anyone else it would bite. He did not want the kids in the neighborhood to try it.

A neighbor had a Rottweiler that loved me. It never had a problem getting out of it's fenced in area. It was 3 am and I was on the front porch having a cigarette. This dog snuck up behind me and on it's hind legs wrapped it's front legs around me. It felt like a man grabbing me from behind until it licked my ear.

A client had a Rottweiler he said it never met a man it did not bite. He had a friend who was a mailman that said he could handle any dog and he wanted to pet it. The client said no it will bite. The man tried anyway and ended up with 24 stitches on his hand. He said that the dog seemed to like me. I went to it, talked to it and slowly brought the back of my hand to it. It licked my hand and I pet it.

Dogs can read a human. They can sense fear, love and hate. Only show them love never fear or hate.

I can't forget the cats of the streets. They too live in abandoned buildings. There may be hundreds of cats in a large abandoned warehouse or plant. With them some times you will see a few together or see them alone. Usually they stay away from people.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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