We Change

We do change as we go though life. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

I am not the same young man that I was when I married my first wife. I am not the same man that

I was when I married my second wife.

I am not the same man I was when I got my second divorce.

On 1/1/00 I became another new man.

I think I have finally found myself.

When you date you are at your best. As soon and the preacher says, "I now pronounce you man and wife." (or something similar) you are a different person.

As the marriage goes through time and the two of you get used to each other, if you aren't careful the romance goes down, complacency goes up and unless you do something to keep your partner's fire going it may go out.

Sometimes the changes are bad for the marriage. Your partner may be the sweetest person you ever knew and as soon as you are married your partner may become controlling and abusive.

Everything in this world that lives changes through its life. Change is a part of life. Change is a fact of life. Change keeps us alive and change ends our lives. Change keeps us out of a rut. We can not grow without change.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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