Black Beauty

1962 to 1965 I was in the Navy. I was in Key West most of the timeand could not date Black Women.

After the Navy I went to the Detroit suburbs and soon married awhite woman that my mother introduced me to. It was 14 of the worstyears of my life. It was not her fault. It wasn't my fault. I was onmy way up the ladder. I became a CPA and was close to becoming apartner in a medium sized high prestige firm. I was going to partiesattended by wealthy people. Going out on large boats. I had a housein a subdivision with a lake and a dock with a 16 foot sail boatnamed "for sail" Something was missing. Happiness.

I became a drunk and soon lost everything.

I was at a clients topless bar. I was drinking double 151 rum andcoke. A fight broke out and a body went flying over my head. Iordered another double. I had a Kiwanis club meeting and so I left topick up the neighbor and take him.

We got to the meeting and the 151 hit me. I was supposed tointroduce him so I got up and forgot his name. I said, "Gentlemen,I would like you to meet, ugh ugh ugh, Who in the hell are you?"I never went back.

One morning I came to the car and there was a big dent in the carthat looked like a fence post. I didn't know how it got there. I toldthe wife that it happened in at the mall while I was parked. I don'tthink she believed me. I didn't care.

Ten years later I was walking down the street and remembered whathappened. It was winter and snowing. I turned on a street and endedup in a barbed wire fence. I had to pull the fence post off the car.I had to move the barbed wire so that I could back out.

Another time I was traveling on a winding road. It was raining and3 am. I went around a 90 degree turn spun out. I ended up with myrear bumper at some guy's front porch. I had about 100 feet to get tothe road. The ruts from my back tires had to be 4 inches deep.

Some how I never got a drunk driving ticket. Never got pulled overfor it. I would leave my office at 11 am and go to the bar for lunch.I would leave the bat at 5pm and be home by 6pm. As soon as I hit thedoor I was drunk.

I went into a bar and on stage was my future wife #2. She lookedlike Donna Summers. She is the most beautiful women I ever knew. Shewas intelligent, black and beautiful. I ware a t-shirt that said,"The love of my life is My Black Beauty." She hadeverything I wanted in a woman. (She also had the best damn booty Iever did see.)

Ebony was a dancer and an ex-cop.

Suddenly I went from thelily white suburbs to the mostly black hood in Detroit. My friendswent from 100% white to 99% black. I found that I was suddenly happy.(I also found out that white folks don't know how to have fun.) Ifelt as if I was finally with my people. (10 years later I was toldby two psychics that I had a black soul in a white body. I wassupposed to be a black man but I got the wrong body. Now I know whata transsexual means when they say they are a woman trapped in a man'sbody. )

Many of my experiences are in the following web pages along withmy philosophy. I hope you read them all and learn from them.

When I went through my first divorce I was broke. Ebony supportedme for about 6 months until I got on my feet. I got a job with anaccounting firm and had some clients of my own. The day I left thefirst wife I quit drinking to excess. I married Ebony about a yearafter the divorce.

My children from the first marriage learned that there is aanother society. They saw the poor and found out that the poor blackkids are no different than the wealthy white kids. When they werewith me they were with blacks. They saw people on drugs (black andwhite) and learned what drugs can do to a person. They saw peopleeating out of garbage cans.

The divorce decree said that I could not be with the kids in thecompany of an unwed woman. (my girlfriend) After the wedding I had itchanged to every other weekend and every other holiday. The firsttime the kids met my wife they really liked her. They said she wasbeautiful. I told them on the way home not to say anything about howgood she was. If asked just say she was OK. My daughter said, "Ohmama she was so nice and beautiful." Their mama blew a gasket.

The next visitation weekend she said they did not want to come. Itook her to court.

Before she and her lawyer came in the judge, my lawyer and Ianother lawyer were talking. She said, "Yesterday a woman wasbrought before me for non payment of child support. The son had 6months before he was 18. The husband said the support could go into atrust fund and when he was 18 it would go to the son. She said no soI had to send her to jail."

She and her lawyer came in and the Judge asked my lawyer to talk.He told her how she would not let the kids come because they suddenlydecided they did not want to come. He was quick and to the point.

Her lawyer got up and surprised everyone. He said, "Yourhonor I realize I am probably wrong but here is my case. She took thechildren to a child psychologist and this is her report."

He gave the judge a report that said the mixed marriage was badfor them.

The judge blew a gasket and said, I don't care what thepsychologist said. She is wrong. It is not up to the children if theysee their father but it is up to me. He bought a bigger house. Builta bedroom in the basement so they would each have a bedroom. You willmake the children go with their father."

If this wasn't bad enough she added, "The next time you comebefore me in the matter, bring the kids and I will teach them thefacts of life. If you come again bring your tooth brush because youwill go to jail and your ex-husband will get custody."

As if it was timed as soon as she said it the woman she talkedabout earlier was brought into the court room in shackles.

She did everything she could to turn them against me. Sheespecially got upset when her husband complemented my wife.

We had many problems when we went to the suburbs. Restaurantswould give us poor service. Whites who came in after we did would getserved first. We found glass in our food. We got dirty looks.

We did get some compliments too. In the city we would beremembered when we would come back and treated well.

We were in a grocery store and a gay couple came to use. One said,"You are a beautiful couple. We are watching the acceptance ofmixed couples because we feel once you are accepted we will be closebehind."

My new family had a lot of parties. These parties were fantastic.When I got married my boss, who looked like Robert Gullet, was mybest man. He said his girl friend could not come so he was going tobring his wife. (They were going to get a divorce soon.) I told himthat 50 of the most beautiful women would be there. He brought hiswife and she messed up his evening. (Including my family only about10 whites were there) He still said when he remarried and asked mywife and I to come that his would not be as much fun as our wedding.We didn't leave until 5 AM and the last people left at 11 AM.

I was on the way up to my parents house about 100 miles north ofthe city. My wife and our nephew were with me. A cop was on themedian facing the south. He turned around and came after us. Thespeed limit was 55 and I was doing 70. I pulled over and the cop gotout.

My nephew said happily, "The cop is black. We have it made."

I looked at him and said, "Look at me."

He said, "Oh I forgot. We're in trouble."

The cop said there was a car going the other way. One of us wasdoing 65 and the other 70. He gave me a ticket for 65.

Ebony said, "It would have been easier for him to get theother car but since we were a mixed couple he came after us."

I agreed.

Our son is a very intelligent young man. When he was inkindergarten he was one of two mixed children in the school. The restwere black. He was as light as me if not lighter. He came home fromschool and asked. "Mama, am I black or am I white?"

Mama said, "You are black."

He put his arm next to mine and said, "If I am black, thenDaddy's black."

My father-in-law was the wisest man I knew. (except my father) Hereminded me of Lou Gossett, Jr. He looked like him, sounded like himand acted like him. He quit school in third grade to work in the coalmines and take care of his family but he was wiser than the mosteducated. Wisdom comes from life not school. All of the education inthe world can not make a person wise. I wish I could write some ofthe things he said but a white man can not say it the way he did.

My mother-in-law was prejudice against whites. She would forgetthat I was white and say things in front of me than apologize. I toldher not to worry because she was right. Many of my friends did notlike whites but I was accepted. If anything was said they said I wasnot white. Didn't know what I was but I wasn't white.

My wife's uncle (now her aunt) dressed as a woman. He tookhormones to give him breasts. In his day he could convince any manthat he was a woman. He did look good as a woman. When the wife met aguy she would go to his house and leave the guy with him and godownstairs and visit friends. When his hands got to the genitalsthere would be a scream and she would dump the guy.

Things were going good for us. I became a partner and a year laterbought out my partner. I had a nice house in one of the bestneighborhoods of the city.

One day a big caddie pulled up to my office. A big black man in ahigh priced pinstriped suit got out with a lady. They were starting aloan company and they wanted my help. The next meeting was at a moteland I met the owner of a large realty and mortgage company. They alsohad a letter from a prominent widow (real rich).

The banks were against them. They carried guns and includingautomatics.

I got into an argument with them and we broke off our dealings.

A while later I heard on the radio that there was a gunfight at anearby motel.

The paper said that they were con artists. The reporter called mebecause they found my card. He did not use the interview because hewas saying that they were con artists. My story was that they wereactually starting a loan company.

This is the Street version that I believe.

The sons loved their mama and you did not touch her in athreatening way. Before the cops came they were told that there was acontract out on the mother and the a cop was going to be the hit man.

The cops had a warrant for a bounced check.

The cop that was killed grabbed mama's arm and the sons startedshooting.

The son I met was #1 son. He had a bad case of diabetes and whenthe trial came he was in a wheel chair. He died soon after. Mama andthe other son's are in prison.

One time we gave was a retirement party for my father-in-law. Werented a hall that held 200 people. The DJ broke a higher paying gigto do our party. We invited 175 people and 225 came. Our parties hadall kinds of people.

My brother-in-law told me he wanted to dance with a woman. Ilooked and noticed an Adams Apple. I said, "You don't want todance with him."

He said, "Every man out there is trying to dance with her. Iwant to dance with her."

Again I said, "You do not want to dance with HIM!!"

"You mean that's a man."


One of the most beautiful women on the dance floor was a man.

My office was in a predominately redneck suburb. I had two whitetax preparers working for me and they both left at the beginning oftax season. I hired two black men and my wife came to work forme.

The next tax season business dropped in half and I lostthe office and had to move into the city. I saw that I was goingbroke. The wife was insanely jealous. The marriage was going downhill. I did not want her and our son to go down with me so before welost everything I signed the house over to her. I had made extrapayments and in four years we cut the mortgage in half. Then theequity was probably $60,000. She had a good job that payed well. Shehad a lot of cash.

The funny thing is that a psychic (Who worked for me.) said that Iwould leave my wife on July 31. We gave no indication that we had aproblem. She was right. She also made other predictions thathappened. She said I had a black soul. (She was white.)

I left and went broke.

Here comes the fun. I am single and alone for the first time in 24years. I am 45 and starting a new life again.

©Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord