Are you you?

Do you ever stop and take a close look at your self? Do you ever say to your self, "Is that me?", "Am I really like that?", "Do people like me?" and, "Do I really care?"

I am me and if you don't like it that is just tough. Are you you? Do you care what others think? Should you care or feel as I do and don't care? Before answering look at yourself and ask if you like yourself. Are you an asshole? Do people dislike you because you are mean and angry at the world? Maybe you should give yourself a mental make over before answering. Maybe you are an asshole.

Maybe you are a nice guy inside but an asshole outside. You may not like yourself?

I don't care what you think of me but I do care about you. You may be an asshole but you are a human and there is hope that you will realize you are an asshole and change.

Do look down on people and walk down the street with your nose in the air. Do you only care about yourself. Maybe you should say I am me and I need an attitude readjustment.

Are you a boss? Do those under you smile in your face but give you're the almighty finger when your back is turned to them. Do you think that you are not supposed to be their friend, you are the boss? Why should you make them hate you? Would they not work harder for you if they like you. Aren't there ways to help them do there job right and be nice about it?

When I say, "I am me and I do not care what you think." It is because I am a nice guy, I care about people and try to help those in need. If you do not like me I probably do not like you and therefore I don't care.

Are you a good looking dude and stuck on yourself? Do you think that you are God's greatest gift to women? Did you know that you are an asshole and down the road someone you love deeply will drop you and hurt you deeply and I will say. "Serves you right."

Some say pride is a sin. It's not pride but it's being an asshole that is a sin. Be proud of your achievements and be proud of yourself. Don't be self centered and don't think others are below you.

I realize that most of my readers are nice people. From the comments of those who have posted them I feel you are good people. Some of you may be a little strange and some may be a little dysfunctional. (Why is that a y and not an i?) But you are all good people. If you know an asshole don't hate them. Help them realize the error in their ways and maybe they will change.

Then maybe Hell will freeze tomorrow.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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