Another Ne Ne

Ne Ne (not the one that calls me Daddy II) was 24 when I met her but she looked younger. She is petite and has a beautiful body. She has a personality that could help her getting jobs working with the public. Like Carmen when you first meet her (If she is sober.) you like her.

I met her before I met Carmen and we instantly clicked. After a while she needed a place to stay. I told her that if she came home after midnight she could not come in. I was not going to wait up for her and as long as she was addicted I was not going to give her the key. The first night was fine. The second night I said she had to find another place.

If she needed a place for a night she could stay for a night.

Ne Ne is addicted to weed and alcohol. I think she uses crack every once in a while but not often.

The people that want to legalize weed are wrong. I see what it does every day. I have seen kids go from the honor roll to failing because of weed. After a while the weed loses it ability to give you the high you want so you drink alcohol too. (Since I wrote this I changed my mind. Prohition has to end. Most deaths are because of bad drugs or drug related murder)

Soon the high from that combination is not like it was so you go to crack. Now they have a more potent heroin out there. It is gives you a better high and if you are afraid of that needle you can smoke it.

Now you are smoking weed, crack and heroin and drinking a beer or 6 and your brains are getting fried, died and laid to the side. Pretty soon you have no more problems because you are dead.

This is where Ne Ne is headed. I see her once a month. She comes to me and tells me she loves me and wants to be with me. I tell her to clean up her act and we can give it a try.

The sad thing about her and Carmen is that they are in constant danger not only from the drugs but from the dealers, other addicts and crazy people out the that would love to rape them.

Ne Ne is a probation violator and if she is busted she can go to prison for a few years.

© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord

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