Am I a Dog

I am at a point where I am seeing a few women. The know about each other and sometimes one will come when another is in my room. In many cases the one leaving will stay for a while and talk with the one coming in and I. I am up front about it and they see other men too. The only requirement is that we all practice safe sex.

If you have had a bad marriage or two it is better to play the field for a while. When your play he field all that you are playing with should know and understand what is happening and if someone becomes jealous the are put out of the field.

I spent 35 years in monogamous relationships, married or looking for a wife. 1/1/00 I began a new life. I am no longer looking. Women come to me to talk and learn. Most are troubled and I give them advice and try to help them work out there problems. They either live in the apartment or are friends of people in the apartment.

I do not hit on them but I have a reputation for making a woman feel good.

Some of these women are prostitutes. (prostitutes charge and whores give it out free.) Some are whores. All are clean and practice safe sex. They all have periodic tests for desease. They are all basically good women and intelligent women who have gone astray.

If they want to have sex we will have it. I have a locked door but when they need me I am here. Most of the time we just talk. If they want to service me and I am not low on coins I will pay for it. That part is business. If they want me to service them no one pays though I could charge for my services.

I pass no judgement on anyone. Some of the best people I know are societies rejects. The lost and forgotten souls. They do not blame anyone for the position they are in. They know that they are what they are because of their screw ups. Some started drugs after a traumatic experience. The loss of a loved one. One young lady saw her father get shot to death.

They realize that they made the wrong choice. There are many sad stories. Many had good futures before they got lost in life. Many will find the way out and find happiness. I hope I can help them.

Am I a dog. I do not think so. We help each other. Everyone in the building knows me and they watch over me. No one messes with me because they know they will be in deep trouble. A new woman comes around the others let her know that if she hurts me in any way they will hurt her.

I live in a building with a wide variety of people. We have professors from Wayne State, retired people, young people, couples, blacks, whites, people from other countries and mixed couples.

Most of the drug addicts are gone but those who do not bother people are still here. If they cause problems they are out. No lease but a month to month agreement. You can be thrown out with a 30 day notice for any or no reason. You can leave with a 30 day notice for any or no reason.

We have security and no guests are let in without ID. Even if they are with a tenant. (usually no ID means dealer or addict looking for trouble.)
3 blocks away is the Cass Corridor. This is most of the homeless, hookers, dealers and addicts are. My area is well policed and safe but the Cass Corridor can be very dangerous.

Are Women Dogs?

When I tended bar there were many times when I would hear conversations between women about sex and men. Many times since the bartender is considered a bartender first and a man or woman second I would be brought into the conversation.

What I have noticed is that women talk the same talk as men. In some cases they are more graphic than men.

I went to a topless bar than on one night a week it would have male and female dancers. The customers would be straight and gay man and women. The fun part was that they all got along and you could learn a lot about people.

The straight women were more vocal than the straight men. The gay men were more vocal than the women and the gay women were between the the straight men and women.

I was asked to go home with 3 women (not all together) and I was invited to have a threesome with 2 other women. (I was just over 30, salt and pepper hair, 6'1" tall and 190 pounds.)

I feel that the double standard is going out the window because women are getting to the point where they don't care what the others think they are going to have fun. Society is getting to the point that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

PS: I am down to 2 ½ girlfriends I am too old to do what I did then.

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